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By Ashley Cameron |

Keys2words - Want to write for us?

Keys2words has established itself as a disruptive health and wellness brand by identifying the damaging effects of sugar, long before the science caught up!

Founded by Sarah Wilson in 2013, the brand boasts a digital platform that now welcomes more than 1 million views each month, as well as a bunch of books and an designed to help people ditch the sweet stuff for good. Over the last few years, it’s estimated that 1.2 million people worldwide have given sugar the flick thanks to Keys2words.

As the health and wellness space continues to grow, you can expect Keys2words to be the brand leading the way – and that’s where you come in…

A few guidelines…

We welcome contributions so familiarise yourself with our content – we cover sugar news (obviously!), food trends, health and wider wellness, sustainability and mindfulness – and if you’ve got a great idea you think would be perfect for us, we’d love to hear from you! Some tips…

  • Always be original – content appearing on our blog must be exclusive and must not have been published elsewhere (whether online, in print or on your own blog).
  • State your sources – if you’re writing a research piece, always ensure you link back to the original source. Scientific papers, medical journals and other news outlets must all be linked.
  • Grab our attention – provide us with tight, attention-grabbing headlines and ensure that within your first few sentences we know exactly what your articles is going to be about.

Ready to submit?

Using the form below, send us your details! As well as your full name, please also include a short bio in the space provided (150 words or less) listing your qualifications and any relevant links to your website/blog, social media and/or other samples of your work.

We read every submission and will endeavour to respond to all successful contributions within 10 days.

  • Enter your website, blog, social media profile or article links
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