We made Vanilla Caramel Macadamias and they are EVERYTHING

By Rachel O'Regan |

Keys2words - Sweet Vanilla Bean Roasted Macadamias

Australia may cop some flak for its national cuisine of meat pies and fairy bread, but there is one culinary miracle we’ve got going on. Macadamias.

The creamy, smooth, rich-tasting macadamia is the KING of nuts. None can compare, especially when you do as we have done and make Vanilla Caramel Macadamias. With a dash of salt and the perfect of amount of toffee sweetness, we had to exercise every bit of self-control not to snap these up immediately.*

As this recipe is a treat, we’ve added a tiny amount of rice malt syrup, but feel free to cut down further or omit entirely. The vanilla will still give a natural sweet taste.

Vanilla Caramel Macadamias

Keys2words - Vanilla Caramel Macadamias

* Lies… we ate them all in one go! Typical!

Do you love macadamias as much as we do, or do you favour another nut?

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