The ultimate IQS kitchen registry

By Courtenay Turner |

i quit sugar - the ultimate IQS kitchen registry

We’re all about minimal fuss for maximum return – that’s why we won’t be filling our cupboards with ice cream makers, melon ballers or Persian fairy-floss anytime soon…

We’ve opted to keep this list of kitchen and pantry essential to a bare minimum. Of course, some of you will want (and need) more, while others will be content with less. We’re just here to offer the scaffolding, if you will, so build on it as you please! But before you buy something new, consider if you’ll really use that fancy new kitchen contraption.

Pantry staples…

Extra virgin olive oil.
Opt for the highest grade of olive oil that you can buy – it’s practically ! If you’re Australian, make sure that the oil you’re buying is Australian too – we’ve got some of the most beautiful olive oils in the world! Buying the imported stuff might be cheaper but it can sometimes

Extra virgin coconut oil.
Delicious, creamy and perfect in both sweet and savoury goodies, we’re nuts for coconut oil! Again, we choose extra virgin varieties and opt for brands that source sustainably. There are quite a few of ‘em doing good things in local coconut-growing communities!

Rice Malt Syrup.
While we don’t use it all too often, it is our sweetener of choice when we’re cooking up something sweet. We use rice malt syrup in our treats, cakes and chocolate goodies (like this!) because it’s fructose-free, but we tend to stick to very small servings. Fruit and veggies are often sweet enough already!

We love to spice up our meals in order to add flavour (without adding sugar or processed junk). While you can experiment as much as you like with your fave spices, we regularly reach for cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, paprika, curry powder, and of course, salt and pepper!


Slow cooker.
Well, what did you expect? We do have devoted to this humble appliance, after all! Slow cookers are incredibly energy efficient and make great tasting food without destroying enzymes. Plus, they’re super convenient. You can dump (your food) ‘n’ run (out the door).

Food processor or high-speed blender.
While you can certainly get away with a stick blender, a more powerful food processor or blender tends to make things flow particularly well in the kitchen. They don’t have to be expensive, nor do they need to look like some kind of space-age machine in order to work well.

Bits and bobs…

A good quality chef’s knife.
The big one, for choppin’ and dicin’, you know.

Regular sized loaf tin.
We loaf to bake, really we do. You too? Then be sure to grab yourself a non-stick loaf tin! You’ll be baking goodies like this in no time at all.

A muffin/cupcake tin.
Twelve holes is best – that’s a muffin a day for almost two weeks. That’s why they’re made with twelve holes, right?

A big pot.
Perfect for stock, broth, soups and on and on it goes.

Frying pans.
A medium and a large one should do you quite well. We prefer cast iron as they can go in oven and sit on top of the stove!

Baking dish and baking tray.
A baking dish is perfect for frittata, lasagne and pie while a baking tray is essential for baking veggies and cookies.

A good mixing bowl.
How do expect to make these Chocolate Nut Butter Cups without a mixing bowl?

A grater.
There’s no way of getting around this one. Besides, these Cheese Spinach Frittatas are pretty grate.

Kitchen scales.
We often give measurements in cups, but when we don’t, they’ll be in grams. As delicious as cheese is, we don’t want you adding 500g of it when we only call for 50g. Take the guesswork out with some simple kitchen scales.

What are your pantry essentials? Let us know in the comments below.

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