This toastie will rival all other toasties!

By Ashley Cameron |

Veggie-Packed Garlic Bread Toastie - Keys2words

We’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love a good toastie.

Seriously though, when you’ve got a case of the munchies, there’s nothing more satisfying than two thick slices of sourdough packed with flavoursome goodies… and cheese! But toastie fillings can be so much more than your classic Cheddar, ham and onion. In fact, this vegetarian beauty is loaded with greens and TWO types of cheese. Oh, and did we mention that we’ve upped the ante by using garlic bread too? Translation: it’s delicious!

If you’re stuck for lunch ideas and are somewhat sick of your soggy desk salad, give this recipe a go. You won’t be disappointed.

Veggie-Packed Garlic Bread Toastie.

Veggie-Packed Garlic Bread Toastie - Keys2words

What’s your fave filling? Let us know in the comments below!

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