This is what happens to your body when you quit sugar

By Rachel O'Regan |

Keys2words - This is what happens to your body when you quit sugar

Are you quitting sugar on our Or following the ? Then you might be experiencing some curious changes in your body.

Do you have headaches and mood swings? Or maybe you feel amazing – better than you ever have? It’s all down to what stage you are in your sugar-quitting journey.

And while everyone experiences different withdrawal symptoms (difficult) and benefits (so worth it) along the way, you might recognise some of those below.*

The first few days…

In the first week of the, we keep some natural sweetness (like fruit!) in the Meal Plans. At the same time, we’re eliminating all the processed rubbish from your diet and replacing it with protein, healthy fats and LOTS of vegetables.

This should leave you feeling instantly healthier, refreshed and on top of the world. (Although depending on the amount of processed foods you ate before, you might find some withdrawal headaches beginning to creep in.)

The first few weeks…

For just a few weeks, we temporarily cut out all sources of sweetness, even fruit. This is simply to retrain your taste buds and your body’s cravings for sugar, but it can lead to some gnarly withdrawal symptoms. A few of the common ones include headaches, mood swings, fatigue and intense sugar cravings. These are completely normal. Drink plenty of water, fill up on protein and good fats, and hold on tight. 

This is when most people cave in and have some sugar. Stay strong – you’ve got this! But don’t worry if you slip, we all fall off the wagon sometimes. The most important thing to dust yourself off and get back on. It all be worth it soon.

The first few months…

Hello, sweetie! Having successfully recalibrated your tastebuds, you will be surprised by how fruit and even vegetables taste sweet enough to satisfy your cravings. And how all the chocolate and candy and soft drink you used to love now taste sickly.

You’ll also start feeling the benefits of your sugar-free lifestyle. We get HEAPS of comments from Programmers telling us how they have more energy, clearer skin, better sleep and brighter eyes. And while everyone is different, we have never heard anyone say they feel worse after JERFing (just eating real food).

The first few years…

Staying off sugar for years? It’s possible! Sarah and the IQS team are living proof of that. At this point you will have learnt a huge repertoire of sugar-free recipes and converted a few of your friends to IQS on account of your clearly glowing health.

Oh, and you’ll have a slice of cake for a birthday party, or eat ice-cream on a hot summer day. And you won’t feel compelled to eat more than you want. That’s the beauty of food freedom!

(*If you are concerned by any symptoms or they do not ease, we would recommend speaking to a GP or health practitioner.)

Have you quit sugar? What benefits did you find in the first days, weeks, months or even years?

Are you ready to transform your life and quit sugar for good? 
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