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Wendy’s story: “I cut out the sugar in my tea and lost 18kg in 2 months!”

Keys2words – Wendy’s story: “I cut out the sugar in my tea and lost 18kg in 2 months!”

Standing on the scale in her doctor’s office, Wendy knew she had to change.

At her wit’s end, she decided to get healthier by cutting the sugar in her tea. Little did she know, she’d end up losing 18kg (39lbs) in two months!


I was using sugar to survive.

My father had recently passed away. I was looking after three teenage children and my elderly mother with dementia. Between work, HSC exams, formals, renovations, a sleep apnoea operation and taking care of an elderly neighbour, it was easy to neglect myself.

I started to snack on all the wrong food to keep my energy up. That didn’t work – I felt more tired and hungry than ever.

I snacked on all the wrong food to keep my energy up.

Before I knew it, I’d gained a lot of weight.

When I got on the scales I was so shocked that I’d let it go so far.

I had to do something. I remembered that when I was a teenager, I put on some weight. I gave up sugary food and it worked! So I wanted to see if quitting sugar would work again.

I had 15 teaspoons of sugar a day from tea alone!

I worked out that I was having 10 cups a day with 1.5 teaspoons of sugar each. I’d also have a biscuit or cake with my tea, so who knows how much sugar I was really eating!

So, I started by just having half a sugar in my tea, and each time I’d put in a bit less. Eventually, I stopped putting sugar in. I stopped eating biscuits and afternoon tea cakes, too.

I lost 18kg in two months!

I couldn’t believe it. It seemed like every day I’d lost more weight. It felt like it was dripping off me!

It felt like the weight was dripping off me!

I was looking and feeling so much healthier.

My skin improved so much. People kept asking the secret to my glowing skin but I didn’t even have makeup on. Even my hair was glossier.

I also used to be so tired in the mornings. When I started cutting out sugar, it only took a couple of weeks for my energy levels to come back. Soon I was going for 6am walks every day!

My appetite has completely changed.

As I ate less sugar and more fruit and vegetables, I didn’t feel so hungry. And if I did feel peckish, I could have an egg instead of a biscuit and feel satisfied.

As I ate less sugar, I didn’t feel so hungry.

I’ll never go back to my old lifestyle.

My husband also cut sugar out of his tea and coffee and he lost 6kg! It’s really helped him improve his running performance. We use the Keys2words recipes to stay on track (, they’re delicious!).

If you’re thinking of quitting sugar, just do it.

No-one else can do this for you. So just make the decision – that’s half the battle. All I did was make the decision cut down the sugar in my tea, and the rest is history.

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