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Trish: “I’ve lost 8 kilos and my husband has halved his diabetes medication!”


Trish is a 49 year old teacher hailing from Port Macquarie, NSW.

She and her husband quit sugar in the most recent and between them they’ve achieved some amazing stuff. Their doctor was so surprised, he’s even bought Keys2words book! Take it away Trish…

I have suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for a number of years and PCOS all my life. 

My husband is an insulin dependent type two diabetic and has been for 15 years. Our health was not only costing us money but opportunities.

Trish before and (right) Trish and her husband half way through the

We have three children heading into adulthood and two of these are elite athletes. We were at a stage where something just had to give. We wanted to become better ‘food’ role models for our children. In April 2014 while on a holiday in Queensland I came across Sarah’s book. It was then that I began to read and discover the impact sugar – especially ‘hidden’ so called ‘healthy’ sugar – has on our bodies.

We were exhausted, lacked energy and weighed more than we had ever had in our lives.

I spent the holidays dealing with yet another bout of diverticulitis, just avoiding another hospital visit. My husband continued to see our GP and his blood test readings weren’t improving. Nor was his weight. It was then at the end of January we decided to join the as a last ditch effort.


Trish, her husband and their three children are all eating healthier thanks to quitting sugar!

My husband has now more than halved his insulin intake after visiting our GP and is possibly not far off being insulin free.

We both started work again on January 27, determined to get our health in check. Our mindset was to be gentle with ourselves, not focus on weight loss but better health. Throughout the eight weeks we have:

  • Celebrated our son’s 21st birthday – sugar free.
  • Travelled to the World Cup Cricket matches – sugar free.
  • Flown to New Zealand for a family wedding – and ate sugar free.
  • Flown numerous times for work – eating sugar free each time.
  • My husband suffered a dreadful gastro bug, dipping his blood glucose readings into dangerous levels – all managed without fructose!
  • Maintained high profile jobs with far less exercise than normal.
  • Cleared out the pantry, donating three shopping bags full to our local soup kitchen.

Here are the results:

  • For the first time in almost 30 years I have had regular periods.
  • For the first time in almost eight years I have not woken up with abdominal pain.
  • I have not been constipated for eight weeks now.
  • I have not had diarrhoea for eight weeks now.
  • My husband has now more than halved his insulin intake after visiting our GP and is possibly not far of being insulin free.
  • My husband’s three HBA1C blood tests have been the best they have been in 13 years.
  • Our GP is amazed and has gone and bought Sarah’s book!
  • I have lost eight kilograms and lost 29 cm from my body.
  • My husband has lost approximately 5 kilograms.
  • Our children are eating good, wholesome food and are not seeking snacks anymore.

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Pretty amazing stuff isn’t it? For more success stories like Trish’s, head here.

*Results may vary from person to person*

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