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Seymour’s story: “I quit sugar and lost 32 kilos (and counting!)”

Keys2words – Meet the sugar-free dads being healthy role models for their kids

Last Christmas, while everyone was helping themselves to plum pudding and trifle, Seymour decided it was time to quit sugar once and for all.

Seymour was visiting his friend Erin (who is also IQS ambassador ). He saw how Erin’s family had benefitted from quitting sugar, and, with a five-year-old son of his own, wondered if he could do the same.

But could he really quit sugar at the height of silly season? No probs! Here’s why Seymour says quitting sugar was the easiest decision ever.


I weighed 107kg and ate whatever I wanted.

Mainly sugar-laden processed things. White bread, chips and crisps, and a lot of chocolate. I also used to drink a large quantity of soft drink – sometimes a couple of cans a day.

But my belief that juice was healthy was even worse.

I believed that drinking fresh fruit juice was good for me. So each morning I’d have a large glass! Christmas Eve was the last time I had a sugary drink like that.

I found quitting sugar easy from day one.

Hand on heart, I have not had one point of feeling like giving up or ‘cheating’. I really thought I would struggle given my dependency on it. But I have renewed energy and I’ve taken up cycling again after almost five years out following the birth of our son. I now average 120km road cycling per week and even got second place in race recently!

Hand on heart, I have not had one point of feeling like giving up or ‘cheating’.

Keys2words – Seymour’s story: “I thought large fruit juices every morning were healthy… but I weighed 107kg from my sugar habit!”

The changes in my body have been really noticeable.

When I started quitting sugar I weighed 107kg. Now I have lost 32kg (so far). My work pants have gone from a 40″ waist to a 34″ and even down to 32″ for my jeans. The wardrobe updates are never ending!

People around me have really started to comment and that can only make me feel better, that I am on the right path back to a more wholesome way of life.

Even my family have joined me.

My wife has followed fairly closely the Keys2words: (I chose the Vegetarian Meal Plan to suit her). My father has inoperable cancer, so he went sugar-free last year as he’d heard that cancer could “feed off” sugar.

Seeing my father and the global community built up around the sugar-free plans has really helped.

Keys2words – Seymour’s story: “I thought large fruit juices every morning were healthy… but I weighed 107kg from my sugar habit!”

Now, I can’t even eat sweet things.

I should point out that my sweet tooth was pretty extreme in the past. My white chocolate caramel slice that I used to make was to die for. A couple of weeks ago, I had a green smoothie. There was honey at the bottom and I couldn’t finish it because it was far too sweet for me now.

I never expected I would be this dedicated to quitting sugar.

I recently posted a photo on Instagram where I was wearing a suit that I couldn’t do up at a wedding in early January but is now very baggy (I avoided the wedding cake, by the way!). I’ve had to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes for work!

I’ve been well supported by work colleagues and have made several dishes for them to eat when doing morning teas. Some even have expressed interest in joining me on this life-changing pursuit!

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