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Sarah’s story: “The helped me lose 14 kilos, and improved my anxiety.”

Keys2words - Sarah's Story

After struggling with anxiety caused by significant family health challenges for quite a while, I was completely burnt out.

I started using junk food to soothe my feelings. But of course, it only made me feel worse and as I became more overweight, my blood pressure went through the roof (even while on medication). I was having heart palpitations, my muscles ached all over and my stomach was permanently upset.

Then, at my parents 50th wedding anniversary I had to make a speech…

I felt so uncomfortable standing up in front of everyone because I thought I looked terrible – I ended up hiding in the bathroom and crying. That day was a defining moment and turning point for me. I knew that I didn’t want to be stuck in this place anymore, and I needed to help myself get healthier – in all aspects of the word!

Keys2words - Sarah's Story

The following week, I signed up to the

I also joined a meditation course and sought the help of a psychologist. When I jumped on the scales for the first time in months, I discovered I was the heaviest I’d ever been in my life – 90.6 kilos – and my waist had ballooned to over 100 centimetres. I knew I was on the fast track to developing diabetes and atrial fibrillation like my relatives.

The first thing I noticed when I started the Program, was that everything was taken care of.

With all the planning, recipes and shopping lists right there, I had time to focus on the other aspects of my life that needed attention. I learnt so many new kitchen and meal prep skills along the way, gained the knowledge I needed about how sugar was affecting my overall health. It was such an eye-opener!

Wind forward the clock eight weeks, and here I am with less stress in my life and feeling like a whole new person!

The combo of quitting sugar, eating nutritious foods, meditating daily, talking to my psychologist and exercising regularly, has helped me lose over 14 kilos, and I’ve now dropped two dress sizes.  

Not only that, but my blood pressure has improved, my digestive issues have calmed down, my skin is clearer and I don’t have aching muscles even though I’m exercising more than I was before.

I Quit Suagr - Sarah's Story

But most importantly, I’m nowhere near as anxious!

It hasn’t all been easy – there have been moments when the rest of the family is all eating junk that I’ve felt really annoyed – and stressful moments when I’ve wanted to turn to old habits. The stressors in my life haven’t disappeared either – I’ve just had eight weeks sugar-free, and the benefits have been more than I ever could have expected!

Through my journey, I’ve realised how much sugar affects your mental health.

It has been an eye-opening journey for me and an important first step in learning to take better care of myself and for those around me too!

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