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Sally Obermeder, TV presenter: “Quitting sugar helped me to recover from cancer treatment.”

Sally Obermeder is a TV presenter, author, , style ambassador and mum. After undergoing rigorous cancer treatments, Sally revitalised her health through exercise and quitting sugar.

This year has been a big year for me in so many ways. I’ve been able to enjoy being cancer free again, I’ve relished watching my daughter Annabelle grow and turn into a chatterbox, I love my new job co-hosting The Daily Edition and my lifestyle blog, has really taken off. I’m also the Westfield Style Ambassador and I’m working on a second edition of my book, Never Stop Believing.

My priority was recovering from cancer treatment.

Despite so much going on I decided that it was a priority this year to feel the best I could, and try to recover from the tough cancer treatment I undertook. I also wanted to get my fitness back and hopefully my pre-baby body and pre-baby energy levels! While it’s all a work in progress and I don’t expect overnight results, I am willing to try anything that might help me get there quicker and healthier. Enter the Keys2words

The Program is an honest, raw and realistic approach to quitting sugar as well as incorporating overall wellness into your life.

As a longtime fan of Sarah’s (don’t tell her but I stalk her Instagram account often for health and fitness inspiration), I knew that the would be an effective and simple program to help the unknowing sugar addict (me) kick the sweet stuff.

What surprised me most was how easy it is to get back on track.

As with most things I dived headfirst into the Program and things went relatively well. I loved the fact that I got to eat so many good fats (I still love a bit of nut butter almost daily!) but then when I hit week three, I caved slightly. What surprised me most was how easily I got back on track afterwards, and how much I wanted to get back to feeling good without sugar.

Week four came and went but not without a thousand cravings, but I managed to hold out. During week five the cravings were just as bad and I succumbed to a bag of mixed lollies (of all things!). I guiltily and quickly consumed the entire bag and felt great. That lasted very briefly, then I just felt yuck. I moved on, and got back on the sugar-free track.

By the end of the Program, I was feeling cleaner and clearer!

Week seven landed on my 40th birthday so naturally I had a piece of cake or two to celebrate. Again, I noticed how icky the sugar overdose made me feel. By the end of week eight, and the end of the Program, I was feeling cleaner and clearer, my skin was looking brighter my intense sugar cravings had really subsided.

Thank you Sarah and the IQS Team for getting an unknown addict off sugar and for helping me to continue on my health kick. Life’s never been sweeter!

Join the next round of quitters with the , starting February 2014.

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