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Sabine’s story: “Quitting sugar has made me a better role model for my kids.”


Before Sabine quit sugar, she was constantly focussed on her next dose. As a single mum of two, her days were basically run on the stuff.

But the changed all that. Now even the kids Ayesha (9) and Quentin (6) are on board with their low-sugar life (and have been busy getting other kids on board!) Here’s Sabine with her story.


Before I quit sugar, I used all the regular excuses for not making a change.

Busy life. Single parent. Two kids. Too hard.

But when I discovered the Program, I thought the pre-planned meals and the grocery shopping lists would make it easier for a mum with young children to really give quitting sugar a go. I was right!

The first few weeks were a little overwhelming.

My daughter Ayesha spent the first week crying on the lounge saying “I want chocolate!”.

I had a lot of invisible ties to the sweet stuff.

I struggled in the first few weeks too, feeling, cranky, weak and really wanting sugar. But I started to notice it was more for psychological reasons – to stop boredom or distract myself if I was doing something at work I didn’t want to do.

The help in the forums during those first few weeks was so good.

It helped me get through the challenges my children and I were dealing with. I felt less alone.

People comment on how well we look now!

A number of my friends have even bought IQS books or signed up after seeing my family go through the process.

There have been many “sweet moments” since going sugar-free.

I was actually so surprised by how, once you get over the hump stage you just don’t need sugar anymore.

The kids are so much more aware of what they eat now, and choose healthy most of the time.

My son is a walking commercial for rice malt syrup!

My daughter decided to have sugar-free friands for her birthday treat at school. Followed by a sugar-free cake on the actual day.

She also did a speech at school during that week about quitting sugar, including how sugar was hiding in everyday products, like juice. Her classmates were amazed and learned a lot. The speech was so good that she was asked to do it again for her brother’s class!

I have just signed up for our third round.

I just love the meal plans (they save me thinking about what to cook for two months straight!) and learning even more.

This is a way of life for me now.

I sometimes have a sugary snack but before I started I was addicted, now I make a rational decision if I want a something sweet.

If you’re thinking about quitting sugar with your kids, my advice would be to sign up to the Program and really commit to it.

The rewards for a bit of extra effort will be felt on a whole range of different levels – not to mention you will be an incredible role model to your children.

Are you ready to transform your life and quit sugar for good? 
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