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Rosie and John: “Losing 20kg between us was the sugar-free icing on all our other health benefits!”

Keys2words – Rosie’s story: “I quit sugar to lose weight before my wedding… but never expected it would help my arthritis.”

Rosie was a long term Weight Watchers member who lived off low-fat yoghurt, snack bars and Coke Zero.

Even though she followed all the “rules”, her weight loss plateaued and she was plagued by health issues like rheumatoid arthritis and borderline fatty liver disease.

Motivated by her upcoming nuptials, she decided to try the Keys2words: with her fiancé John. And it worked! But while they lost 20kg together (and counting), it’s the unexpected health benefits of quitting sugar that have changed Rosie’s life.


I used to spend $50 on cakes… and eat them all in one sitting.

I would have takeaway all the time and thought nothing of spending $50 on cakes and eating them all in one sitting. Lots of alcohol, no exercise. I felt terrible. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis that I decided to join Weight Watchers.

But I still wasn’t as healthy as I wanted to be.

Any initial weight loss eventually plateaued. My fiancé and I were eating low-fat yoghurt, Weight Watchers bars, Coke Zero and six serves of fruit a day (fruit is 0 points!). I would also binge on desserts on Saturday (weigh-in day), as a reward for losing weight, or as a comfort for gaining weight.

It was a massive surprise to me when my specialist then told me I was bordering on having non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – I thought by that time I was quite healthy!

My specialist told me I was bordering on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – I thought I was quite healthy.

We decided to quit sugar… but were scared we’d gain weight!

The thought of full-fat milk, butter, oil, cheese and avocado was intimidating after being on Weight Watchers for so long. But after trying the IQS blog and book recipes for a while, and seeing my liver function and inflammation improve, we decided to bite the bullet and try the full Program…

To our surprise, we both slimmed down!

Both of us have lost and are still losing weight (John about 15kg and myself about 5kg). I am now a size 10 for the first time in about nine years! I have noticed I have more muscle tone than I have ever had. We both look slimmer everywhere.

John lost 15kg and I lost 5kg… and we’re still losing weight.

Quitting sugar was surprisingly easy – and fun!

The hardest thing was not feeling bad about cooking with butter! The support on the online forums and from the Ambassadors was fantastic, it almost felt like we were part of a family.

Thursday became my favourite day of the week – it was exciting to get the email saying our meal plans and recipes were ready!

I learnt so many new things on the Program.

We know so much more about sugar. I think deep down we knew it was bad, but it didn’t actually click until we started the Program and read more about what kind of damage we were doing to our bodies.

I also loved having the Sunday Cook-ups. Even though it meant a bit less time relaxing on the weekend, the weeknights and future meal planning were so much easier.

By the end, I was shocked by how much my health had changed.

I have been able to come off one of my rheumatoid arthritis medications. My flare ups are very few and far between, and now I can manage them with a wheat pack and very rarely need painkillers. I haven’t had to take a day off work for arthritis in a very long time.

John’s skin has also cleared up, something which has been a problem for him for years. My nails are stronger and grow quicker than ever before, and I used to have these red bumps on my arms which have now nearly gone.

I can only imagine what my tests will look like now that we’re sugar-free. For once I am actually looking forward to my next specialist check up!

I have been able to come off one of my rheumatoid arthritis medications.

I’m already signed up for the next

I can’t believe how many veggies we’re eating – and actually enjoy. Instead of eating out of boredom, we’re excited to eat real food. John said one of the biggest things for him is that he has completely lost his appetite for junk food. I feel the same. Just the other day I was thinking about how good it would be to eat some fresh veggies!

Today, I had Asparagus & Spinach Quiche with Kale Me Anytime Salad. If you had told me six months ago I would willingly eat kale and asparagus, I would have said you were crazy!

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