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Patricia*: “I work for a health and wellness company… but I’m the healthiest I’ve been since I learnt to JERF!”

Keys2words - I work for a weight loss company... but I'm the healthiest I've been since I quit sugar and learnt to JERF!

Working at a well-known health and wellness company, Patricia* admits her boss would HATE to hear she’s quit sugar with us on the Keys2words:

But we don’t think her manager could be too upset when he saw just how amazing Patricia’s results are. Here she is to share her story, anonymously of course!

After a turbulent relationship with food, quitting sugar finally changed my life.

I have been a binge eater for approximately 40 years and always carried excess weight.

I joined the Keys2words: so that I could try and control my eating. But what I found was freedom over food without constricting my life or taste!

Food no longer consumes my life.

I also lost 8kg and have kept it all off. I’m continuing to work on the rest of the weight, doing it the slow and tasty way.

I loved the focus on real food instead of diets and meal replacements.

I didn’t even believe that I was addicted to sugar (little did I know!) so I didn’t think it would be hard to quit. And the was in fact a very easy one to follow.

I knew the Program was based on real food and provided meal plans, so I signed up and put the whole family on it, too (in varying degrees).

The Program gave me a new passion for cooking! I used to drag myself home, then eat out the pantry while looking for something to feed the family. Now I shop for fresh foods and can’t wait to get into the kitchen and cooking! Sometimes I will do a few meals at once and throw one in the freezer for that “had to work back” day.

I’m also teaching the kids to cook and they love it. My husband complains that he can not get time in the kitchen now between me and kids cooking up a storm!

My family have also noticed that most food not made at home is not enjoyable anymore. In fact, we have signed up for the next round of the Program just so that we can keep moving forward with my journey and can explore more home cooking!

I have experienced the best health of my life.

My asthma is under control, my skin is clear, my hair is smooth (no frizz or dryness) and I suffer less gas and bloating.

And the changes aren’t just physical. I also concentrate better, feel happier and my anxiety is lower.

In fact, my entire relationship with food has changed.

I have no inclination to snack between meals at all and generally only eat three meals a day. I don’t get the 3pm munchies and I can leave food on my plate.

This is a big deal from someone that always panicked if there was no food near by!

The biggest change is that I can now “hear” my body and I listen to it! I have managed to silence the cravings that have constantly been there for a lot of years!

I am fascinated with the messages that my body gives me and when I listen to it I feel fantastic! I wish I had done this at least 30 years ago!

*Names have been changed.

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