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Natalie’s story: “I quit sugar to help my PCOS. I didn’t think it would change my whole life!”

Natalie had always struggled with her weight. And she’d always had a bit of a sweet tooth.

But as her weight crept up and she developed PCOS, she knew it was time to change.


At 27, I discovered I had PCOS.

Initially, I was advised by many GPs to simply go back on the pill to curb my symptoms – acne, weight gain, mood swings, fatigue and, most devastatingly, potential infertility.

But I wasn’t convinced this was the only way. The fact that I might be unable to have children was heartbreaking! There had to be something else I could do.

So I researched and researched, and discovered PCOS is closely linked to insulin levels. I saw a specialist doctor (a female this time!), who advised me to consider myself a diabetic,  and cut out sugar and blood-sugar-raising carbohydrates.

Sarah Wilson’s book title flashed before my eyes.

Keys2words! I quickly bought the book, read it front to back and made the changes. No more soft drink, cakes and biscuits, no more massive bowls of pasta and fries, no more emotional eating. I was doing a lot of this, I realised. A lot of emotional eating.

This wasn’t just about looking better. I had to take control of my health.

It became about only putting real, healthy food in my body.

I lost 13kg in six months…

… Simply by cutting the sugar and going for a 45-minute walk a few times a week. My moods stabilised and I suddenly had SO much more energy. I can only assume that’s a positive hormonal benefit.

Shopping for, preparing and eating sugar-free is second nature to me now.

And mostly, if I ever have a weekend where I’m eating more sugary food than I normally would (I can’t always resist the gelato!) I simply go straight back to my usual eating, work past the guilt and things level back out.

Now, I have faith in knowing that I have maximised my fertility health by choosing foods that are right for me, my hormonal balance and wellbeing.

I went into quitting sugar with the idea that it would help me with my fertility in the distant future. But it’s been so much more than that – it changed my life!

Are you ready to transform your life and quit sugar for good? 
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