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Kirra, Managing Director and business owner: “I’m no longer on the brink of diabetes”

Kirra ed us after cutting sugar from her diet and losing 44 kilos in the process.

With a teenage son and a busy work life, she decided the time had come to put herself first and get healthy. Her journey of hard work and determination is both inspirational and exciting.

I tipped the scales at 147 kilos and a nice round size 26.

I started to gain weight in my early twenties shortly after a nasty horse-riding accident. However, my weight exploded when I had my son 16 years ago. Not while I was pregnant but immediately after I gave birth. At the time I was diagnosed with post-natal depression, but what I did not know for almost 12 years after, was that in fact my thyroid had checked out during my pregnancy, triggering the depression and massive weight gain. I had always been larger and curvy, but this was ridiculous!  After years and years of taking prescription thyroid medication and not being able to shift a pound I tipped the scales at 147 kilos and a nice round size 26. I was on the brink of Diabetes Type 2. I was in hell.

I was in New York on a business trip and had lunch with a girlfriend who took a photo of me during the meal. Afterwards, when I looked at the photo I did not realise just how big I had become. However the worst was yet to come. A week later I was on a flight when the man sitting next to me typed into his mobile phone a text that said, “Oh great – I am stuck next to a really huge fat woman on my flight.” I saw it over his shoulder and I was devastated.

I tried dieting but it didn’t work!

When I got back to Australia I tried to diet and exercise but as a single mother with a very demanding job, my time was limited and I often ate on the run.

I quit my corporate career and moved back to Byron Bay, where I met Sarah Wilson through friends and found out that we shared the same thyroid condition. I had lost a little weight by then working with my naturopath but was well and truly ready to go to the next level. I was ready to use Sarah’s book to regain my health.

I can confidently say that Keys2words saved my life.

I was on a fast track to an early death. I followed the Program and lost 32 kilos in under three months. The weight fell off me! I felt strong and healthy and my knees loved me again!

I have since shed another 12 kilos, bringing the total weight lost to 44 kilos and I am now a size 16-18.

I walk most days and run the stairs to The Lighthouse which I affectionately call “the stairs of death” because they are virtually straight up from Watego’s beach! I still have 20 kilos to go, but I feel great. I feel I have shed years, regained my confidence and best of all, I no longer take thyroid medication – in fact I have no sign of my thyroid condition anymore. My doctors are quite baffled! My sugar levels are great and I have no risk of Diabetes Type 2 in sight.

I changed my whole outlook on how I eat.

I am not perfect. I have had lapses. But knowing how good I feel not eating sugar makes it way easier to get back on track after a bad day.

Kirra before the program:

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