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Katherine: “If I hadn’t quit sugar, I wouldn’t have discovered I had cancer.”

Keys2words – Katherine: “If I hadn't quit sugar, I wouldn't have discovered I had cancer.”

In July last year, while doing her second round of the Keys2words:, IQS Ambassador Katherine was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Katherine credits quitting sugar and JERFing to helping her finally find a diagnosis. And her positivity, grace and strength in battling her illness has inspired the entire IQS team. We wish you a full and speedy recovery, Katherine! Over to you…

I decided to start 2015 fresh and enrolled in my first IQS round.

I  spent most of 2014 feeling tired and sluggish. I’d gained weight and no matter how well I slept I always woke up feeling tired! Boy was it an eye opener! I’d always thought I was a relatively healthy eater but I had no idea how many of my “healthy foods” were full of sugars. Surprisingly I found the Program super easy to follow, flexible and fun. I especially loved the support from everyone in the Forums.

And after one month, I felt so much better.

After the first month I was noticing improvements in my skin, sleep and my appetite felt completely recalibrated.

I felt liberated from food cravings for the first time in my life.

But something still wasn’t quite right.

Despite the amazing way I was now eating, I still wasn’t feeling as energised as I thought I should feel – and this was after I had given up caffeine, too! I had no artificial substance to blame on my inconsistent energy levels and I still needed way more sleep than I thought was normal.

I turned to Sarah Wilson’s blog for guidance.

I had read a blog post by about her , which seemed to describe exactly how I was feeling. I took this information, along with evidence of my sugar-free lifestyle to my GP.

She was impressed with my eating but we both couldn’t understand why I was still feeling tired and struggling to lose weight. I suggested to my GP that I thought it was my thyroid.

After months of searching, I finally found out I had thyroid cancer.

I honestly believe had I not cut out the sugar and caffeine from my life I would’ve continued to blame my energy spikes and lulls on food, and I wouldn’t have had the impetus to search for a deeper underlying reason for my health struggles.

If I hadn’t quit sugar, I would have continued to blame my energy spikes and lulls on food.

Thankfully, a diet low in sugar is recommended as part of managing thyroid issues. So not only did quitting sugar help me find out I had cancer, it has also made it easier to look after myself after completing surgery and radiation.

Quitting sugar saved my life!

Yes, I know that might sound like an outrageous claim, but it really did!

Do you have a story like Katherine’s that you’d like to share? If you’ve quit sugar and achieved some amazing results, send an email to us at [email protected].

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