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Jenna’s story: “I ditched sugary sodas and lost 24kg in the process!”

Keys2words - Jenna’s story: “I ditched sugary sodas and lost 24kg in the process!”

Before I had my son three years ago, my weight often fluctuated within a 20 pound range (roughly 9kg) – I was always gaining and losing weight.

To lose weight I would eat healthier and cook my meals instead of eating processed foods but I would still feel hungry. My willpower was constantly challenged! After my son was born, I held on to relatively healthy eating habits while breastfeeding him. But, after about a year and a half, my sleep-deprived self started drinking caffeinated sodas and eating sugary foods as a way to get quick bursts of energy.

As I started eating more sugar, I found I wanted more and more… it was unsettling.

I would be sitting at work thinking about what cookies I wanted to buy at the store and what flavour of ice cream I wanted to eat once the little one was asleep – for the record, Ben & Jerry’s ‘The Tonight Dough’ was my favourite. Even “healthy” foods I made contained a lot of hidden sugars in them, but I didn’t realise. My weight ballooned by 50 pounds (22kg). I felt unhealthy, fatigued and was the least active I had been in my life. I tried losing weight the same ways I had before and although I’d do well for a week or two, inevitably I’d fall into old habits.

I knew I was eating too much sugar and actually googled ‘sugar addiction’.

It felt like food was running my life and I couldn’t change it on my own. Through my Google search, I found IQS and signed up for my first I was determined to get healthy again so during the, I followed the recipes and instructions exactly and only ate the meals on the plan with no snacking.

I’m not going to lie, the first two weeks were pretty wretched. I was exhausted, suffered from headaches and was so incredibly cranky.

It did make me realise, however, how much I had relied on food (sugar, in particular) – not as a way to nourish my body, but as a way to deal with emotions. The last few weeks of my first however, flowed much better and once I started feeling and seeing results – which included weight loss, more energy, stable moods and less acne. The thing that surprised me most – since I’ve always been a snacker/grazer – was that I wasn’t hungry between meals because of the healthy fats in the meals I was eating. I also learned to love zucchini… still working on choking down beets, though!

Keys2words - Jenna’s story: “I ditched sugary sodas and lost 24kg in the process!”

I’m feeling absolutely amazing and I’ve lost 53 pounds (24kg) over the last five months.

The fact I don’t crave food in the way I used to is mind-blowing to me. It’s a strange feeling not to crave sugar the way I have all my life (my family baked sweet treats to show they cared). It’s also really surreal to not feel compelled to buy soft drink at the grocery store or compelled to eat the cake in the breakroom at work. I have more energy, I feel more balanced, I have more mental space because I’m not always thinking about food and I’ve been able to be active with my son and be a better role model for my family. In addition, with my newfound energy, I’ve started doing yoga again and am starting yoga teacher training this month.

I’m currently midway through my second round of the and loving all the new recipes.

I plan to continue my IQS journey and am so filled with gratitude for all the knowledge that has been shared and support I have received in making this healthy life change!

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