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Erin, nurse: “I feel more like myself.”

Erin is a busy nurse from Arizona, USA. After studying and completing two degrees Erin decided the time had come to concentrate on her health, so she said goodbye to sugar for good.

I want to say a big thank you to the Keys2words for helping me reshape my life for the better. I stumbled upon Keys2words online after searching tirelessly for something that ‘clicked’ for me. I was continually searching for a healthier way of eating with the science to back it up and the results to prove that it truly would make my life better. Keys2words had multiple studies and research to solidify my decision to give up sugar.

I can honestly say as a former sugar addict the 8 Week Program has improved my life.

I feel incredible. Not only did I give up a huge vice but I feel as though I finally have a handle on sugar. I no longer have awful sugar crashes or wild mood swings associated with consuming too much sugar.

I think more clearly, I feel happier, I sleep better, I’ve lost weight… I feel more like me.

The has been an incredible journey that I wasn’t sure I could accomplish on my own. Luckily with the online encouragement and weekly e-mails I was able to keep on track and keep my spirits up; even through difficult detox days. I continue to encourage all my friends and family to live a more sugar-free life and to accept sugar for the toxin it is. I am blessed to have found IQS!

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