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Daniela, 31 year old yoga lover: “The helped heal my depression.”


Cosmetics brand manager and German native Daniela ed us to share her story from the other side of the world.

After being diagnosed with depression and several food intolerances, she decided the was the best way to kick start her journey to becoming the healthiest she could be. Now, after turning her life around by quitting sugar, Daniela has decided to pursue her love of nutrition and exercise and start a career in Naturopathy and Health Coaching.

I found out I had candida and severe food intolerances.

It all started when my naturopath told me that I have several food intolerances, which were the cause of my daily tummy pains, cramps and the constant feeling of being bloated. I also found out I had candida and other bacteria present which caused my pains – and the bacteria thrived off all the sugar I was consuming.
 I have always been quite a healthy person. I eat well and exercise a lot but I was so out of balance after I moved back from Sydney (after five years) to Germany that I completely crashed.

I had also developed a severe depression.

It forced me to stay in a clinic for two months. I felt so miserable and so out of touch with myself and the world around me that I couldn’t see any purpose in living anymore.

I decided I needed to get healthy

So I quit all refined sugar, wheat, yeast, any dairy, coffee and eggs. It was a bit of an adjustment for me, but I stocked up on the alternatives I needed to “heal” my stomach issues.

After about seven weeks of this new way of eating, I decided to go the full distance and give the Keys2words a go. I’m in my seventh week now and I have managed to cut out 100% fructose without any difficulties. The only treat I am having is a glass of wine a few nights a week… but one glass is enough!

I was always under the impression that fat makes you fat.

So I avoided it and instead thought I could eat all the sugar I wanted because I was burning it off through exercise. But now I’m enjoying eating a lot more of the healthy fats like nuts, avocado, coconut and other good oils. Green tea with a teaspoon of coconut oil is so good to keep me going at work!

I now have so much more energy. I jump out of bed every morning to go for a walk, do some yoga or meditate.

I no longer have sugar cravings.

Which I had after every meal! I also love spending the time to cook a healthy and delicious meal and then taking the time to enjoy it slowly. My skin is getting better too and the best of all, I’m no longer bloated or nauseous after eating.

I am spreading the word of my quitting sugar journey.

I want my friends here in Germany to see the positive changes and the energy I now have. I highly value the support the Keys2words team provides and Sarah’s posts help me to know that I am not alone in the process. Coming out of this dark hole and beating the black dog changed me a lot and allowed me to open up to myself and transform into someone I truly love, cherish and accept now.

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We orginally published this post in 2013.

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