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Connor’s story: “My wife and I quit sugar for our wedding… and now we’re having a baby!”

Keys2words - Connor's story

For Connor and his wife, Hollie, their upcoming wedding provided the ultimate goal to strive for.

But aside from that, Hollie had struggled with PCOS for years and was told she would struggle to fall pregnant. After giving sugar the flick however, they were surprised with beautiful baby news, just five days before their wedding!


My wife and I started a health kick in the lead up to getting married.

For about 12 months we had been creating and following our own meal plans, which eventually became repetitive and boring. I love being hands-on and creative in the kitchen, but it was so tiring trying to find new recipes all the time that were both easy and cheap. I also didn’t know how to be prepared, and when I got busy at work I’d reach for junk food (or even worse, just have nothing.).

Keys2words - Connor's story

When I saw the next start date for the was exactly eight weeks away from our wedding date – I knew it was a sign!

At first, we both suffered from withdrawals – headaches, feeling lethargic and I had intense mood swings – I even had crazy sugar dreams about custard and profiteroles! But, as soon as we hit the three-week mark we felt energised and began craving healthy foods.

We were liberated by quitting sugar.

While we had to put effort into meal prepping on a Sunday, without work you won’t get results – and it was worth it. Dinners started to become tastier and having leftovers for lunch the next day was so easy. No joke, we enjoyed all of the food and we still cook our favourite recipes now.

We slashed the cost of our grocery shop each week!

Having the shopping list online was great, and being able to tick off the items online as we shopped was so easy and convenient. The regular emails and articles on the website ensured staying sugar-free was always on my mind and made it easy to stay on track and up-to-date with the latest sugar news. I’m a bit of a book nerd too so I decided to go back through the first Keys2words book, and it really shocked me how much sugar was in our food.

We both lost five kilos on the Program and I haven’t had a soft drink in over six months.

The sugar-less lifestyle is definitely one we will stick too – why would we want to go back to feeling tired and groggy all the time? It’s just not worth it.

Keys2words - Connor's story

The best surprise was that my wife fell pregnant!

After struggling with PCOS and being told by our doctor that falling pregnant would be hard, we found out the amazing news just five days before the wedding. Once we started the and discovered a healthier lifestyle, her period became regular and her PCOS symptoms eased. We’ll be welcoming our baby boy in January 2018!

Just jump in and go for it!

The Keys2words team give you great support over the whole journey, and you feel the results much quicker than you think you will. You’ll be so glad you left your sugary life behind!

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