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Bonni, London, UK: “I’m no longer afraid of the kitchen.”

Bonni is a Londoner who was fed up with feeling lethargic, and wanted more from life than ordering take-away and increasing her waistline. Here is her story:

Here is her story…

My sedentary desk job and lazy eating habits meant that over the last couple of years the weight had sneakily piled on.

I had tried dieting before, but could never get into a good routine, and often found the thought of cooking an entire meal to be utterly daunting.

I never thought I had a particularly sweet tooth.

But when I heard about the Keys2words it seemed like it was designed perfectly for me. The shopping lists, weekly meal plans and delicious recipes were just what I needed. I discovered my kitchen for the first time, and I took to cooking like a fish to water.

I noticed a change in my energy levels immediately. I was no longer reaching for that third biscuit in an afternoon meeting!

I even found I had enough motivation and energy to start exercising, working my way up to running five kilometres without feeling I would collapse after just a few steps.

I was also impressed at how different the lemon water in the morning makes me feel.

I had a couple of mornings without it (I forgot to buy the little critters) and felt a bit lacklustre until I got a decent lunch inside me. It’s amazing how a little bit of lemon makes such a difference!

I’ve lost weight, my skin is clearer and my oven has never been used so much.

I’m no longer afraid of the kitchen. 

I find myself eagerly awaiting the change in season so I can see what new vegetables are available. Who thought I’d ever get excited about a vegetable? Even my work colleagues are impressed by my sugar-free treats (the gingerbread went down a storm).

The Keys2words Program has clearly changed me, and I don’t think my local takeaway restaurants are very happy about it!

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