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Ashleigh: “I was a medical student who weighed 107kg. Then I quit sugar… “

Ashleigh’s passion in life was to help others improve their health. Yet this qualified physiotherapist and medical student felt she was not practising what she preached.

At 107kg (235 lbs), Ashleigh felt unwell, out of control and turned to sugar in times of stress. She had even undergone knee surgery as a result of her weight.

Realising that her addiction had a hold of her, Ashleigh decided to quit sugar. And she’s never looked back! Here’s how she reclaimed her health (and lost 15kg – and counting – in the process).

I hated the thought of being an obese doctor.

I was a physiotherapist/medical-student, studying to be a doctor. But I weighed 107kg (235 lbs).

There aren’t many people who would trust a fat cardiologist or a dermatologist with adult acne, so it was also hard to have authenticity in my practice as a physio. I’d have to tell my patients that their obesity-related knee pain required surgery, when I myself had undergone knee surgery as a direct result of my obesity.

I felt like a hypocrite at work because I didn’t feel as though I could encourage my patients in their pursuit of health.

I was continually gaining weight and my BMI clocked in as obese.

Despite training 5 – 6 times per week and following what I thought was a relatively healthy low-fat diet with (albeit with lots of sugary extras) I continued to put on weight.

I’ve struggled with being overweight ever since I was a child. But I was never as big as I was in October 2015.

Discovering that my “low-fat Greek yogurt” contained nearly one-third sugar shocked me.

I realised that my low-fat diet was the furthest thing from healthy, especially when I calculated what a typical day’s sugar intake would be.

And that was before I even included the “exam cake breaks”, the brownie I convinced myself I deserved after a stressful week at uni and the half a block of chocolate I’d consume most days because I thought it gave me energy in the afternoons.

The idea of a sugar-free life scared me.

I decided to quit sugar was because I thought I couldn’t. I felt sugar had such a hold on me and it was out of control. My sugar addiction was expensive, embarrassing and time-consuming. I spent a lot of time trying to battle cravings, then giving in and feeling sorry for myself.

I signed up for the and immediately felt as though I was being educated and empowered.

I loved the structure of the Having a shopping list and a pre-set meal plan, sharing Sunday Cook-Ups with my friends who were on the journey with me, and being able to seek reassurance and words of wisdom in the Forums made it so much easier to quit sugar than I thought.

“A little bit of ice cream won’t hurt…”

After an intense detoxing period in the first few weeks (I admit I was grumpy, tired, headache-y and not a nice person) the hardest thing was dealing with the sceptics.

They would say things like, “But removing a food group from your diet classifies you as having an eating disorder.” (Umm… When did sugar become a food group?). Or attempt to derail my efforts by tempting me with something sweet.

I’ve lost 15kg and I’m still shrinking.

The sugar-free life is great! I sleep well, have energy at 6:30am every morning to train hard and don’t get a 3pm slump.

I don’t have major mood swings, can concentrate forever and my skin is acne-free for the first time since I was about 13 years old. Plus I’ve lost 15kg (33 lbs) and I’m still shrinking!

I don’t struggle with the same intense cravings for sweetness.

I relish this “food freedom’ and love that in a work tearoom full of home-baked biscuits, and hospital wards packed with “thank you” chocolates, I can say “no thanks!”

But the best bit? I achieved my highest marks ever at university and am well on the way towards becoming the doctor I want to be.

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