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Antoinette’s story: “I did the just after the birth of my second child and haven’t looked back!”

Keys2words - Antoinette's story

We love to hear from busy mums who are working their sugar-free magic in the kitchen – and with their children! But, Antoinette took it to the next level and jumped on the straight after the birth of her second child!

Take it away…


My meals always centred heavily around carbs.

I loved a large pizza or pasta, washed down with some chocolate for dessert. I’d also use store-bought sauces and other processed foods in my cooking every day, rarely – actually never – incorporating vegetables into a meal, except perhaps as a one-off as part the latest fad diet I’d decided to give a go. I had absolutely no idea about the nutritional content (or lack thereof) of my diet. So, I also didn’t realise how much nutrition I was missing out on by not having vegetables as part of my meals.

I decided enough was enough and signed up to the

I knew I wouldn’t have the strength to stick with the Program if I had physical withdrawal symptoms (and a baby!), so I gradually reduced the amount of sugar I was eating before I started. This way, I hoped my body wouldn’t go into too much shock once the Program kicked off! By the time the Program started, I had a little one in my arms and was already sugar “clean”. While I was probably a bit grumpier than usual in the beginning, that could also be due to newborn-induced sleep deprivation!

Keys2words - Antoinette’s story

It was so easy to stay on track!  

Having the meals planned for me eliminated any margin for error (or, accidental sugar consumption) and made my life much easier not having to come up with meal ideas myself. I also found the resources on the website super informative – I didn’t realise that sugar was in so many things and the content I received by email every week really helped me become more educated about what I put in my mouth.

Keys2words - Antoinette’s story

Now? I feel great!

Despite the fact that I haven’t slept for more than four hours at a time in six months, I’ve noticed my skin is glowing, I have more energy and my moods are stable. I also did the Movement Plan that comes with the Program, and I’m proud to say I’m back to my pre-baby weight already!

I’ll definitely continue to live the sugar-free life.

I finished the 8-Week program in June and have continued to be sugar-free since then (give or take a few relapses – birthday cake is my weakness!). I made a sugar-free cake for my first son’s second birthday and he loved it!

Keys2words - Antoinette’s story

I’m now mastering the recipes in the Keys2words cookbooks.

The Program made me a better cook too, so instead of relying on store-bought sauces to flavour meals, I’ve found myself automatically using healthier (and tastier) real food. And, I’ve become that person who adds kale to everything!

The Program isn’t just going to help you quit sugar – it will teach you how to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet for the rest of your life.

We originally published this post in September 2017.

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