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Angela’s story: “I quit sugar after having my fifth child, and it changed my family’s life!”

Keys2words - Angela’s story

I was a self-confessed lover of all things sweet.

Cake, lollies, chocolate, white bread – you name it, I loved it! I’d load sugar into my coffee and I never drank water, only cordial. To make things worse, I’d also buy lots of “convenience” foods for my family like pre-made pasta sauces and snacks for the kids. Don’t get me wrong, we ate lots of veggies, just plenty of rubbish food too.

I couldn’t understand why I was always hungry, no matter how much I ate.

I had gestational diabetes during two of my pregnancies, so I’d learnt how to track my blood sugar levels and how to keep them down. But, I’d never thought of going the whole hog and ditching sugar and processed foods completely. I just had no idea how much sugar I was unknowingly feeding my family!

Keys2words - Angela’s story

After I had my fifth child in May, I was exhausted and knew something had to change.

As a mum, I needed to be on my A game and that meant improving my health so I could look after my family. A friend and I started exercising every day and eating “clean” by cutting out all processed foods and sugar. Then, she lent me , and it changed my life!

Keys2words - Angela’s story

All of a sudden, it was as if my eyes opened to just how damaging sugar was…

I was always on the Keys2words website reading about the effects of sugar and I began buying more and more cookbooks so I could learn how to quit the sweet stuff by myself. As soon as I changed my diet, as if by magic, I was always full! My skin felt and looked amazing, my brain fog lifted and all of a sudden I was calmer. I kept waiting for the headaches or the cravings to kick in, but they never did.

About a month into my journey, I decided the whole family should join me…

I was horrified when I realised how much sugar I was giving to my kids – when I let them snack on yoghurt after dinner, they were actually eating five teaspoons of sugar! We ditched everyone’s lunchboxes and bought bento boxes instead – nothing from a packet will ever go in there again!

I honestly thought the toddlers would struggle the most, but they found it the easiest.

After all, they could still have ice cream, chocolate bliss balls and even Kid-Friendly Chicken. I noticed that my kid’s moods stabilised (happier kids, hello!), and they could concentrate for longer which meant they could thrive at school too.

Now, I’ve lost 20 kilos and the weight just melted off me.

I started my sugar-free journey just six weeks after having my last baby, so I knew I would lose some baby weight, but it just kept coming off. I even have more energy now after five kids than I did before having kids – I bounce around like a crazy lady, even though I get up in the middle of the night to feed my baby.

Keys2words - Angela’s story

My one piece of advice to other sugar-quitters is to be proud of your journey.

Tell everyone and anyone! Once people start to see how life-changing this is, they too will become inspired – and that can only lead to great things!

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