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Alice’s story: “Quitting sugar was the healthy restart my family needed.”

Keys2words - Alice’s story: “The is so easy, it's basically "Mum porn"!”

With two active young boys under three, Alice was struggling to provide healthy, nutritious meals for her family. There just wasn’t enough time in the day!

Enter the Keys2words: In just eight weeks, Alice discovered the tools to completely transform her and her family’s relationship with food. Now, they’re all thriving without sugar. Here’s Alice with her story.


Prior to quitting sugar, I would describe our family’s approach to nutrition as a matter of survival.

Zero forward planning, and continuous snacking. We had good intentions, but the reality of small people and numerous tasks meant sitting down to eat a thought-out, highly nutritional meal seemed unrealistic.

The initial intention was to try the Program by myself.

But cooking separate meals just wasn’t going to happen. Hence everyone – Brad, my husband, and my boys Harry (two and a half) and Felix (nine months during the Program) – being dragged along for the ride!

But the ride was ridiculously easy. SO much easier than me shuffling through recipes at 5pm each day wondering what the heck I could whip up!

The structure really is the total making of the Program. “Here’s your Recipes, here’s the Shopping List, go!”

How could anyone with a family not be in love with that? It’s like mum porn, basically.   

The Program helped my boys fall in love with healthy food.

Eating dinner as a family became a total game changer. We eat early now to make sure we get to sit down with the boys. Harry helps to prepare the meals and we’ve been dabbling in the sugar-free baking world together. He’s a pretty ace sous-chef.

The boys love to know what’s making us “big and strong” or make up funny names for different veggies.

We still give them a sweet treat on special occasions, but we have little victories when they take cheese or hummus and veggies to munch on after insisting on a biscuit. 

This process was about teaching them to have a good relationship with food. We are settling on a reduced sugar balance and it seems to be working so far.

Keys2words - Alice’s story: “The is so easy, it's basically "Mum porn"!”

The Forum was an absolute godsend!

I threw questions on that puppy every second day, almost. Asking for advice on alternatives, recommendations for children’s nutrition, favourite family snacks, all of it! Having a bunch of experts at your beck and call doesn’t happen often, and I was like a pig in sugar-free mud!

We have only really cooked the IQS recipes since finishing the plan.

I don’t feel sick of them yet as you have a different meal every night for eight weeks. Two months of keeping it interesting. Total win for the repertoire!

My husband Brad has been pleasantly surprised by the whole process and is keen to continue eating this way.

From the outside in it looks like a potential fad diet, so he was stoked to be eating proper food that was healthy as well as delicious.

My favourite is when I make something new and he says “Oh wow! This is actually nice.” Brilliant. Actually.

This has been a total shift for me.

It’s called Keys2words for a reason. Sure, sugar’s out. But your weekly info isn’t just about how much sugar you’re not eating. It’s about how best to nourish yourself, why, and how to implement that into daily life.

And it’s not just around food either. It’s been like a restart button for my overall health. And I really needed that.

I feel so much more in control of how I’m feeling.

I’m well-balanced energy-wise, lighter, and oh so organised. It’s so great that the Program is eight weeks. You have time to form really practical habits that stick. It’s also true that it’s impossible to unlearn this stuff. I’ll definitely continue on with this approach.

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