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Adriane’s story: “I quit sugar and lost 37kg (and counting!)”


Before discovering ’s first book Keys2words, New Yorker (and part-time stand-up comedian) was rabidly addicted to the sweet stuff. In fact, sugar controlled her whole life.

Since kicking sugar to the curb with Keys2words as her bible, Adriane has lost an incredible 37kg (82lbs) and counting! Her hair and skin glow, her energy has skyrocketed and she’s learned how to enjoy real foods. Here’s Adriane to share her amazing transformation.


It was just another typical morning before I started my sugar-free lifestyle…

I was walking to work when I saw a neon sign for a donut shop glowing in the distance. Though I wasn’t hungry, all of a sudden I needed a donut STAT! I had the donut and a wave of happiness washed over me. But it didn’t last long. Two hours later I was sitting at my desk when that “itch” came back, pulling me towards the candy-filled vending machine down the hall.

This day wasn’t uncharacteristically different from any other day in my life. The amount of sugar I was consuming up until that point was massive to say the least. But it was on that very typical day that I realised something…

I wasn’t in control of my life, something else was.

In the days that followed I did a lot of research. Slowly but surely, I began to put the pieces together. Sugar was controlling my life.

Right away I went online and ordered Sarah’s book Keys2words. Within days it was here and my journey began.

I read Sarah’s book like you would a textbook in a class.

Page-by-page I allowed it to guide me and teach me how to live a life without sugar. I didn’t skip ahead; I wanted the book to hold my hand throughout the process, and it did.

I knew this was going to be a life changer for me, not just another diet that works for a month or two before I’m back to my old mid-morning candy-eating tricks again. I really wanted everything to sink in.

It was amazing to no longer feel like sugar had such control over me.

As the weeks progressed I realised that I was simply not thinking about donuts, or cupcakes or any of my other go-to sugary foods for that matter.

I was just living my life, completely satisfied with my new sugar-free food plan. And all those sugary foods that used to bait me throughout the day were no longer at the forefront of my brain.

I’ve lost 37kg to date!

On a superficial level I have to admit that seeing the physical changes in my body has been such an incredible experience. And something I never thought was truly possible until I quit sugar. But there have been so many other benefits.

I learned that real foods are delicious and that they have the power to nourish and heal.

I’m not sick all the time. My skin glows. The pounds are still flying off. My energy has skyrocketed. And that’s all because of what I am putting in my body, and also what I’m no longer putting in my body.

From the start of my journey and as I continue forward, Sarah’s book is my ultimate reference point.

I have notes throughout my copy with numerous pages dog-eared and highlighted. It’s always within arm’s reach when I’m home and I need it.

Whether it be for an antidotal reference point or an innovative recipe, it’s a rich reserve that has allowed me to live a life that is no longer controlled by sugar.

Each and every day I’m getting to know this newer, happier, healthier version of myself. It’s all thanks to Sarah, the Keys2words Team, and this amazing book.

I will continue to live a sugar-free lifestyle for as long as I’m lucky enough to be alive. I’ve come too far to turn back now. #IQuitSugarForLife!

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