Pop quiz: Which food has more sugar than 8 Krispy Kremes?

By Marie-Antoinette Issa |

IQS: Teaspoons of sugar

It’s widely accepted that a Krispy Kreme donut is full of sugar and should be treated as an absolute indulgence. But what about “healthy foods” that contain more sugar?

From cereal to low-fat yoghurt your favourite fruity smoothie, many foods contain at least double the sugar content as an iced donut. And some contain around EIGHT times the amount!

With these kinds of foods widely available (and often marketed as good for you) it’s unsurprising that the average Australian eats mores than twice the 6-9 teaspoons of free sugars recommended by the World Health Organization.

Want to get a handle on your sugar consumption? We’ve tallied up the teaspoons of sugar in 10 popular foods. Warning: it will change the way you look at apple juice forever!

Wow! Did you know how much sugar was hidden in your favourite foods or were the stats more shocking when spooned out?

We originally published this article in March 2016. We updated it in July 2016.

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