NEW study links sugary drinks to type 2 diabetes

By Ashley Cameron |

Keys2words - Sugary drinks linked to type 2 diabetes

  • A new .
  • With an estimated , momentum for a sugar tax in Australia has been reignited.
  • The research also shows that by consuming sugary drinks. Yikes!

Globally, the sugar tax is big news! And, we have covered this subject extensively, consistently pushing for a sugar tax to be implemented here in Australia.

But while public opinion on the subject has been mixed, a brand new study led by has followed 40,000 Thai adults and concluded that the diabetes epidemic is massively influenced by the consumption of sugary drinks.

It found that , no matter their body mass index. While men were only said to be at 30 per cent greater risk by these same measures, experts agree that by ditching sugary drinks in Australia, our diabetes rates would also be reduced.

So come on Australia – how much more evidence do we need? 

What do you think about this new research? Let us know in the comments below.

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