How to stay mindful at Christmas time

By Raj Barker |

Keys2words - How to stay mindful at Christmas time

Now that we’re in the midst of the silly season, you may be feeling like you’ve dropped the health ball.

Sure, Christmas only happens once a year and while your social calendar has no doubt reached an all-time high, chances are you’re also feeling busy, tired, overfed with choice and well… food, too! So to take full advantage of all this fun, it’s vital to stay mindful and present.

These quick and simple tips will get you back on your feet and into a frame of mind where you can enjoy the holiday season without sending your hormones (and your waistline!) into a whirlwind.

Keep your probiotic game strong.

Throw in some fermented veg, kombucha, yoghurt (dairy or coconut) wherever you can to keep flushing your gut with good bacteria and help keep you in balance. Excess alcohol, sugar and lack of sleep can all cause your gut health to deteriorate so staying ahead of the game is always a good idea.

Stay hydrated.

Alternate between your festive alcoholic beverage and water. Not only will your head thank you in the morning but you’ll decrease your chances of excess drinking, while at the same time you’ll be replacing any electrolytes the alcohol is depleting from your body.

Food then party.

Be mindful to not only line your gut prior to drinking but also have food in your belly so you don’t attack the snack corner. Showing up starving to parties and gatherings can lead to filling up on whatever is presented and often the food will be lacking healthy fats, carbs and proteins. Instead, have a small meal consisting of these building blocks so you have just enough space for a treat at the party.

Prioritise downtime.

This season can be taxing on sleep. While it’s loads of fun – you still need to be able to function in the midst of all the joy. Ensure adequate rest, time out to check in with what you need – more sleep, more movement, deeper breaths – and as best as you can, try and stick to a minimum of eight hours sleep a night.

Don’t be too strict.

This is the season for socialising, sharing and most importantly, fun! It’s super easy to overthink it but if you do overdo it, remember this time only comes around once a year. Spend it surrounded by your nearest and dearest, loosen the reins a little and don’t forget to treat yourself. You can start again tomorrow!

Raj Barker
Nutritionist + Yoga Teacher
Raj Barker is a nutritionist and yoga teacher doing her best to unravel the meaning of life through her passionate belief that "food is medicine" and yoga heals. Originally from Sydney, Raj is now based in NYC, offering consultation online all over the world.

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