Summer trend! Savoury smoothies… say whaaaaat?

By Rachel O'Regan |

Keys2words - Summer trend! Savoury smoothies… say whaaaaat?

Smoothies don’t have to be a sweet affair (and they definitely don’t have to contain 22 teaspoons of sugar like some varieties). Move over “datorade”, savoury smoothies are taking on the foodie territory this summer.

Perhaps a bit sick of the so-called healthy drinks that include a cup of dates, two bananas, and low-fat sweetened yoghurt, the health-conscious are turning to smoothies that don’t give you an insulin rush. It’s all a bit reminiscent of the savoury yoghurt trend, which we’ve been opting for instead of the mass-produced froyo fare.

These are no watery, soupy, celery-stick slushies, either. Take note: savoury smoothies are for hardcore veggie lovers, often including a dash of cayenne or a knob of turmeric to kick things up a notch. But once you get it, there’s no going back to the 22-teaspoons-of-sugar variety. Give it a (wheatgrass) shot!

Savoury Green Smoothie

Keys2words - Savoury Green Smoothie

Challenge: how many serves of veggies can YOU fit in your smoothie?

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