Are soft drinks putting you at risk of a stroke?

By Kate Kneipp |

soft drink linked to stroke

We’ve spoken about the dangers of sipping on soft drinks (soda) before, and their link to neurological problems like . A indicates that regular consumption of sugary beverages (i.e. soft drinks and juices) could put you at risk of a stroke.

How much of a risk do soft drinks pose?

This was a huge study! It took place over ten years and included more than 60,000 men and women aged between 45 and 83 years.

Those who consumed two sweetened beverages per day were 22% more likely to experience a stroke*  

*when compared to those who drank less than two sweetened beverages per week.

For those of you who don’t think you can consume that much – think again. The study used beverages of 8-ounce serving sizes (236ml) each. The average can of soft drink is 12oz (375ml), and a bottle of soft drink is 22oz (650ml), which means there are almost three serves in one bottle.

So soft drinks and juices in moderation are fine?

Well, short answer: NO! Sweetened drinks, like soft drink and juice,  wreak havoc on your noggin, are linked to obesity and are void of any nutritional benefits. We say drink water and be done with it! Keen to give sugar the flick? Register for the . Round two kicks off in June 5, 2014. Hungry for more science? Check out our 

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