Sorry, is now closed…

but here are a couple of things you may find helpful.

The website was taken down May 31, 2018. The blog will no longer exist. The supermarket products have been discontinued. Read more here:

But a bunch of things will live on:

The Keys2words recipes
…can now be found at 28 By Sam Wood.

As you know Sam and his crew are the new custodians of the recipes, with all funds going to charity.

Sarah also has another Keys2words project
This is exciting! You know the IQS Recommends Tick? Well, Sarah also got approached about continuing this. Going forward you’ll start to see products that genuinely help us all shop and eat better. The great bit? It’s also going to raise money for charity.

You can still do the
which you can find in book stores in 46 countries around the world and  .

You can find more recipes… thousands of them… in Sarah’s ebooks

Your recipes will continue to be shared
…on the  .

Finally, you can follow Sarah’s next projects

including her next cookbook that comes out in October (it’s zero food waste…and yet, sexy!)




That’s it folks.


Be well xx