Ring in the new year with these sugar-free cocktails

By Alexandra McCarthy |

2018 is mere hours away, which means that it’s nearly time to crack out the celebratory cocktails!

But, that doesn’t mean that you should be chugging down sugary drinks. Instead, opt for our low-fructose options, which are just as delicious – and you probably have all of the ingredients at home with you! Even better? You won’t be left with a sugar hangover the next day…  

The Cultured Mule.

This festive cocktail tastes delicious, but it’s also great for your guts thanks to the addition of ! So, if you’re feeling stodgy post-Christmas, whip up this cocktail for an NYE treat that will also soothe your digestion. That’s a win-win in our books!

Keys2words: The Cultured Mule

The Ultimate Sugar-Free Cocktail.

An oldie but a goodie, this sugar-free cocktail is one that we always go back to. It has simple flavours, but with the addition of lantana flowers, this tipple looks the part!

Trolley'd Sugar-free Cocktail

Espresso Martini.

While you can certainly enjoy espresso martinis all year round, we think this is the  perfect cocktail match for those of you celebrating New Year’s Eve in winter, thanks to it’s warm flavours. Plus, you can enjoy this one guilt-free as it isn’t laced with any sugary syrups.

Peachy Clean Mocktail.

We included this alcohol-free mocktail in the mix for those of you who don’t drink booze. But, you’re not missing out on anything with this baby!

Keys2words: Peachy Clean Mocktail recipe

Kombucha Mock-erol Spritz.

For all of those Aperol Spritz lovers out there, we have the sugar-free version for you! While our version might be sans alcohol, feel free to add some low-sugar grog to yours.

Keys2words - Kombucha Mocker-ol Spritz

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