The results you’ll see (and feel) after one week sugar-free

By Courtenay Turner |

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Seven days sugar-free is all you need to start looking and feeling better

But not all results are tangible ones! While weight loss is often a happy side effect (and what many people look out for) when they quit sugar, there are more than a few unexpected quirks that you can expect to experience!

Your confidence will blossom…

When you quit sugar, people may be quick to assume that you have joined some sort of culinary cult. But fear not, dear friend, you’ll quickly learn to counter any questions and combat any scepticism they may have! In doing so, you’ll become more assertive and more comfortable explaining why you’ve decided to commit to the sugar-free journey. At the end of the day, they might still think you’re loopy, but you’ll be too busy enjoying life (and feeling fabulous!) to give it a second thought.

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You’ll learn to cook…

Going sugar-free means embracing wholefoods (i.e. the unpackaged stuff!). Ultimately, this means that you’ll be forced (in the most gentle way) to embrace your kitchen and get creative with the goods that nature provides. Learning to cook is one of the best things you can do for your health – and it’s a lifelong skill that you’ll cherish forever.

Your skin will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom…

Okay, not really, but your skin will look brighter and any wrinkles that you do have will be reduced! That’s because consuming sugar breaks down the very protein responsible for keeping your skin looking soft and supple… much like a baby’s bottom, one might say. You certainly can expect tangible results when it comes to the skin you’re in.

i quit sugar - The results you'll see (and feel) after one week sugar-free (in GIFs)

You’ll kiss goodbye to your food baby…

While a lot of our graduates lose weight on the program, just as many of them say a hasty farewell to their bloat-induced food babies as well. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what it’s like not to have a food baby (or two). But trust us, one week is all you need to reset that tummy of yours!

i quit sugar -The results you'll see (and feel) after one week sugar-free (in GIFs)

You’ll feel cool, calm and collected…

While it’s totally normal to experience mood swings from time to time, quitting sugar will mean that your doesn’t jump around so much. Ultimately, this means less highs and lows, less afternoon slumps and fewer unsustainable energy spikes. Overall, you’ll be a more graceful and level-headed human, and thus, better equipped to deal with life in general. Sugar consumption has even been linked to anxiety and depression, two things we never joke about, so if you struggle with either of these conditions, try quitting sugar for seven days and note how you feel.

i quit sugar - The results you'll see (and feel) after one week sugar-free (in GIFs)

If you’re not quite ready to commit to our, check out our newest program, Kickstarter, and find out just how good the low-sugar life can feel!

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