Reducing sugar in soft drinks could save Aussie lives!

By Phoebe McCreath |

Keys2words - Reducing sugar in soft drinks could save Aussie lives!

  • has revealed that slashing the sugar in soft drinks by a third could save thousands of Australian lives.
  • It’s estimated that this reformulation could prevent .
  • This could also . So, what are we waiting for?

A whopping  lives could be saved by simply reducing the amount of sugar in our soft drinks, says research.

But, it’s also the number of lives that we’ll continue to lose if we don’t change our sugary habits.

, published in , investigated three different ways of reducing the population’s sugar intake in sweetened beverages. Firstly, they looked at reducing the sugar content in beverages by , as well as by , and then reducing all bottle and can sizes to just .

All three investigations had positive outcomes in terms of increasing the life-years of Australians, but researchers concluded that reducing sugar content by a third (30 per cent) would see the .

In fact, it was found that by simply :

  • 70,300 heart disease related deaths
  • 47,000 type 2 diabetes related deaths
  • 14,300 stroke related deaths
  • 24,100 breast, bowel, endometrial and kidney cancer related deaths

Not only this, but the reduction would see a cost saving of over the average Australian lifetime.

This information has been released at an incredibly poignant time, as the sugar tax gains momentum worldwide, and (the Australian eight-point plan to reduce obesity) is examined here in Australia.

It’s no secret we’re advocating for Australia to get on board with the sugar tax – . But, this study simply proves that reformulation is key, and sugar tax bands would encourage manufacturers to reformulate their products in order to sit beneath the tax threshold.

If you’re still on the fence about the sugar tax, has come out today to blow doubters out of the water. In 2015, Jamie’s Italian restaurant chain began adding to every drink that contained added sugar. Since then, they’ve seen sales drop as much as .

All the research is there, so it begs the question, what are we waiting for Australia? Show your support and spread the word by !

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