52 reasons to eat less sugar – yes, really!

By Courtenay Turner |

i quit sugar - 52 reasons to eat less sugar – yes, really!

52 reasons, one for every week of the year…

If you’re still hesitant about quitting sugar, we’re here to set the record straight – with 52 very real reasons to eat less sugar! You’re probably wondering why we insist on the whole “sugar quitting” thing so regularly. Haven’t we proved out point already?! Well, yes, we have! But it’s our mission to improve the health (and happiness) of as many people as planetarily possible, so we’ll keep banging on about the sweet stuff for some time to come.

So, without further ado, here are 52 very convincing reasons to eat less sugar! (We could have said more, but no one likes a show off).

  1. You’ll decrease your risk of heart disease.
  2. Put an end to energy slumps.
  3. Find food freedom.
  4. You’ll decrease your risk of metabolic syndrome.
  5. Decrease your risk of cancer.
  6. Say goodbye to belly pudge.
  7. Brain fog be gone!
  8. You’ll lower your blood pressure.
  9. You’ll reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s.
  10. You’ll lower your bad cholesterol.
  11. Break free from food addiction.
  12. You’ll decrease your risk of .
  13. You’ll have less chance of developing depression.
  14. Protect your pearly whites.
  15. You’ll feel better, mentally.
  16. You’ll probably lose unwanted weight.
  17. You’ll reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  18. Bounce through life with increased energy!
  19. Enjoy having more cash to splash.
  20. You’ll reduce and manage anxiety more effectively.
  21. You’ll shrink your .
  22. You’ll (incidentally) improve the health of your friends and family.
  23. You’ll be more motivated to move your body!
  24. You’ll sleep better.
  25. You won’t crave sweets anymore.
  26. You’ll decrease your risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
  27. You’ll actually enjoy the taste of wholesome food.
  28. You’ll become a super sleuth at the supermarket.
  29. Learn to cook.
  30. Eat 7–9 serves of veggies EVERY DAY.
  31. Lighten the .
  32. You’re immune system will thrive.
  33. You’ll achieve something meaningful.
  34. by helping yourself.
  35. You’ll add more recipes to your repertoire.
  36. Bye bye bloat!
  37. It’s cheap!
  38. You’ll shop more locally.
  39. Fewer headaches – yay!
  40. Say hello to a more tolerant (less moody) you.
  41. You’ll decrease your risk of stroke.
  42. Increased chance of falling pregnant.
  43. Less aches and pains.
  44. Boost libido – cos sugar saps your sex drive!
  45. Make more comfortable.
  46. Learn your “healthy” foods from your “healthy” foods (ditch the dates, fruit juice and dried fruit!).
  47. Less trips to the dentist.
  48. … and the GP.
  49. And you’ll have .
  50. No more food guilt.
  51. Embrace mindful eating.
  52. You’ll JERF!

So there you have it, 52 pretty convincing reasons to eat less sugar – and now, the ball is in your court! But don’t worry, we’re here to help you every step of the way with our (which is now happening weekly)! So that makes 53 reasons, really.

Is there something we missed? Tell us your best reason to eat less sugar!

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