‘I quit sugar and found my happy weight’

By Kate G-IQS-Team |

It gives you more energy, helps you break your addiction to some foods and can even clear up your skin. But can quitting sugar help you shed a few unwanted kilos too?

A recurring question from those of you considering whether or not to do the is: “Will I lose weight when I quit sugar?”

Although IQS is not first and foremost a weight loss program, many welcome weight loss as a happy side effect. The is a way to re-calibrate your system and get your appetite back to a natural state. Doing this has helped many lose weight naturally, safely to feel better than ever before. Check out these amazing success stories from those who have completed the IQS 8-Week-Program.

8wp transformations

‘I look healthy’

Sach Trikha (above): “Quitting sugar evened my weight out and I achieved equilibrium. I’ve never felt better, and I look healthy.”

8wp transformations3 (1)

‘I lost 20 kilograms’

Natasha-Lee (above): “I have lost 20kg and have gone from a size 16 to a size 10-12. My whole view on food has changed completely. I have developed a passion for health and nutrition!”

8wp transformations7

‘I dropped four dress sizes’

Lynda Gamack (above): “I quit sugar and went from 75kg to 54kg, size 14 to size 6. I now do triathlons and I’m training for a half ironman this year. I now have the energy to exercise!”

Ready to lose a few centimeters? You’ve got LESS THAN ONE WEEK to sign up the, which kicks off on the September 25th. Read more amazing success stories here.

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