Hark! Her Majesty The Queen is ditching single-use plastics in all royal estates!

By Courtenay Turner |

i quit sugar - Hark! Her Majesty The Queen is ditching single-use plastics in all royal estates!

  • It’s waste-free Feb here at IQS, and today, we’re celebrating some big news – none other than the Queen herself has jumped on board the waste-free movement!
  • It’s thought that the Queen was inspired by namely Blue Planet, which documents the devastating impact of plastic on the natural world.
  • Europeans produce , but less than 30 per cent is recycled.

Single-use plastics are the last straw for her Royal Highness – and we’re celebrating!

In a bold move to reduce plastic waste across all of her royal estates, the Queen has ! In public places like cafes, this covers everything from plastic straws to bottles and even the controversial coffee cup. Packaging for takeaway food items must also be biodegradable.

But doesn’t end there! Staff and caterers will only be permitted to use china plates and glasses in dining rooms, and glass water bottles will be offered at meetings, as opposed to plastic ones.

Fittingly, a has said that “the Royal household is committed to reducing its environmental impact”, and with 8 million tonnes of plastic making its way into the ocean every year, this is a move that should be applauded!

But it’s not just the Queen herself that should be credited for the changes. Prince Charles, whose commitment to environmental issues is well known, has also expressed frustration at the world to its plastic addiction. And he’s right – the situation is certainly dire. , First Vice-President of the European Commission, has said that, “if we don’t change the way we produce and use plastics, there will be more plastics than fish in our oceans by 2050 …” His comments come as part of a broader strategy by the European Commission that hopes to .

The Queen’s commitment to reducing plastic waste is a massive global win for our environment, and shows support for the likes of , who has been championing this cause for years. Given her influence, it’s hoped that many more people will follow in the Queen’s royal footsteps. Indeed, it’s time we abandoned our excuses and committed ourselves to a cause worth fighting for: this planet we call home. If quitting plastic is good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for us.

The Queen has gone green, will you?

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