Our favourite freezer hacks to make meals in a snap

By Shayl Prisk |

healthy family meals

No we’re not talking about whipping up a gazpacho or sorbet – today we’re giving you some invaluable freezer hacks to make mealtimes a million times more simple.

The secret? Using your freezer to keep leftovers on hand, ready to heat up or reinvent for a new meal in a snap. Here’s how we do it:

  • We like to use plastic zip-lock bags for freezing individual portions. BPA-free plastic containers are also a good option. The good news: plastic zip-lock bags are now safer (no longer made from PVC) Always check the number in the triangle on the bottom: two, four and five are safe. Avoid the rest.
  • If you’ve made a large batch of soup, stew or curry for the week, separate each portion into freezer-friendly, microwave-safe containers. Remove from the freezer in the morning and defrost in the fridge throughout the day.
  • Defrost foods in the fridge, not on the bench, The slower you defrost, the closer it resembles its pre-frozen state.
  • If you have leftover meat, shred and freeze in one-cup portions (or 150 grams of meat per person) in zip-lock bags or freezer-friendly containers. Note: If you’re likely to microwave leftover portions, make sure the container is microwave-safe too.
  • Always label and date your containers to make it easier for yourself later on.
  • Freeze leftover sauces and pesto in ice cube trays and pop out as needed.

Keen for some more help?

Check out these tips from our new :

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What’s your favourite dish to keep on hand for leftovers? What’s in your freezer right now? Tell us below:

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