It’s not what you eat, but what you absorb

By Alexandra McCarthy |

Keys2words: It’s not what you eat, but what you absorb

We always bang on about the importance of eating veggies because they are stacked with nutrients…

And, you’re body needs said nutrients to thrive, but it’s not just about what you’re eating – what’s important is what your . We’ve found, the easiest way to fill your body with nutrients is through the humble smoothie.

Yep, our beloved green smoothie is a favourite for good reason! Smoothies are nutrient-bombs as you can cram a bunch of veggies into them and whizz them up – so it doesn’t feel like you’re actually eating half a cucumber, a handful of spinach and a quarter of a frozen zucchini. Plus, of the blended veggies, which helps to keep you fuller for longer. Don’t bother reaching for juices – they won’t satisfy you for very long and they dump sugar straight onto your liver. Not ideal.

To boost the nutrient density of your smoothie – and increase your body’s ability to absorb the good stuff – try adding these ingredients…

  • Healthy fats.

Adding healthy fats to your smoothie not only helps to keep you full but lets your body absorb fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, D, E and K are all fat-soluble and are important in – but they can only be absorbed when you consume fat. So, to reap the benefits of these vitamins, make sure you add a source of fat like avo, chia seeds or coconut oil to your daily smoothie. Our Choc Berry Mud smoothie contains avo and is delish!

  • Leafy greens.

We love adding leafy greens to our smoothies as it’s a super simple way to get a dose of greens. Plus, research has even shown that eating finely chopped spinach – instead of whole leaves – leaves you with in your bloodstream. Pretty cool, huh? Try our Cucumber Cooler Smoothie for a green veggie hit.

So, it’s time to get blending, people! Jump on board the smoothie train with our newly released and up your veggie content with a delicious daily smoothie.

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