Even more reasons you should shun artificial sweeteners

By Meg Yonson |

Think you’ve found a loophole for your sweet tooth by using artificial sweeteners? Have you sworn yourself off sugar but go for the “diet” version of sodas? New research backs our stance that artificial sweeteners can be just as bad for you as sugar.

Here are the most shocking factlets from – in which scientists performed a multitude of experiments, mostly on mice – which was covered in more detail in .

While one of the researchers said it was too early for definitive results because human studies are limited, he was so surprised by the results that he personally stopped using artificial sweeteners in his coffee every day. That’s pretty convincing to us.

1. Artificial sweeteners muck up the gut.

Artificial sweeteners muck up the microbiome in the gut. This changes the metabolism of glucose, causing increases in blood sugar levels, as if we had eaten more!

We think this is a worry because health professionals now believe the gut is the root of all disease. has been researching this area for a while and has found things like anxiety, obesity and diabetes are all linked to our microbiome.

2. They contribute to diabetes.

In one study: Mice were given either plain water, sugary water or water supplemented with an artificial sweetener. After only one week, the first two groups of mice had little change, physiologically speaking. But, get this, the mice fed artificial sweeteners developed a significant intolerance to glucose even though they weren’t consuming real sugar! And remember, this is what can lead to metabolic syndromes like diabetes…

We reckon this is bonkers as it’s the very condition artificial sweeteners aim to prevent. And it’s because, like sugar, they still cause havoc in the body, causing metabolic changes and mucking around with our blood sugar levels.

3. And cause weight gain.

Yep, the findings confirm some studies that show many people who consume diet drinks filled with artificial sweeteners actually gain weight!

So, we’re still pretty convinced that artificial sweeteners are a no. What do you think?

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