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By Alexandra McCarthy |

Keys2words - Crispy Cauliflower Tacos

While you might think that vegetarians survive solely on veggies, much of the time that isn’t the case…

In fact, many of our resident vegos have been guilty of living off pasta and bread in the past. So, we decided to put together this totally free, totally sugar-free meal plan which is the perfect way to up your veggie count.

And, it doesn’t matter if your vego or not – adding more veggies to your daily diet is never a bad thing!

Day one.

Breakfast: Liver Detox Smoothie + a handful of nuts or a boiled egg.

A green smoothie might not be your usual brekkie, but this one tastes great as it’s sweetened with green apple – making it a bit more palatable if you’re a green smoothie newbie. Pair the smoothie with a handful of nuts or a hard boiled egg to up your protein first thing in the morning.

Liver Detox Smoothie

Lunch: Warming Ayurvedic Dahl.

We love dahl as it’s a great vehicle for veggies, which this particular recipe is filled with. Plus, who doesn’t love the warming spices? A nourishing and filling lunch which will keep you going for hours!

Warming Ayurvedic Dahl

Dinner: Stuffed Capsicums.

Not only do these stuffed capsicums look delicious, but they’re packed with tons of protein and fibre thanks to the quinoa, veggies and black beans. Yum!

Keys2words - Hippie Lane Stuffed Capsicums

Day two.

Breakfast: Cheat’s Poached Eggs + Kefir Hollandaise.

Eggs are a vegetarian’s best friend as they are filled with protein. Plus, they are super versatile and taste pretty damn delicious too. And, we’ve started day two on another veggie-filled note, so you’ll have the energy to power through your day!

Keys2words - Cheat's Poached Eggs + Kefir Hollandaise

Lunch: Stuffed Capsicums.

A large part of our is loving our leftovers, so we have used last night’s dinner as today’s lunch. Not only do leftovers save you time and money, but they also help to prevent food waste. Plus, everything tastes better the next day, right?

Keys2words - Hippie Lane Stuffed Capsicums

Dinner: Crispy Cauliflower Tacos.

Yep, you can still eat tacos and get a load of veggies in at the same time. These cauliflower tacos are always a big hit and the battered cauliflower is next level!

Keys2words - Crispy Cauliflower Tacos

Extra snacks: Savoury Zucchini + Cheese Brownie.

And, if you feel that you need a snack, give our veg-packed, savoury brownies a go. Make a batch and enjoy for a few days in a row!

Keys2words - Savoury Zucchini + Cheese Brownie

Note: These recipes serve more than one, so you can simply divide the ingredients (or freeze the rest up for the week ahead). Otherwise, grab a mate or colleague and do the meal plan together!

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