Fructose is making us fat

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Keys2words - Fructose makes you fat

The news: “Fructose is making us fat.”

There have been many studies conducted that link the consumption of sugar to the rising obesity levels, but various research now links to the development of obesity.

The science.

The by the University of Colorado School of Medicine has gone one step further and highlights that obesity may be caused not only by excess fructose consumption through food but also by the fructose that is produced by the body from eating non-sugary foods like refined carbohydrates.

Here are the highlights:

    • The cause of obesity and diabetes may be tied to the fructose in your body, in addition to the  you consume.
    • Obesity and insulin resistance results from the fructose produced in the liver from consuming high-energy processed carbohydrates and high-glycemic foods (GI), not just from eating high-fructose foods. Another reason why we recommend eating non-processed whole foods and reducing refined .
    • The risk of high GI foods are actually due to the fructose they contain, which is ironic since fructose is considered to be a low GI sugar. The study challenges the dogma that fructose is safe and questions the validity of the glycemic index in determining what is good for our bodies, which we’ve discussed .

Expert opinion.

Nutritionist  says:

“Excess carbohydrate intake, especially from refined sources, can lead to chronically high levels of insulin, which can promote fat storage, insulin resistance and increase the risk of fatty liver and diabetes.”

Does this study change your view of the glycemic index? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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