Fight food waste… FAST

By Phoebe McCreath |

Keys2words - Fight food waste… FAST

Did you know, Aussies throw out ?!

And, while some food giants are doing their part to cut down on waste (hello, ), we can all do our part too.

Utilise these hot tips to cut back on your food waste, FAST…

Understand the difference between “use by” and “best before”.

Put simply, the . So, while we wouldn’t recommend eating food after the “use by” date, food can be consumed well after the “best before” date – manufacturers just can’t guarantee it will be the same texture or flavour as when it was originally packaged up. Our advice? Check your food is ready for the bin before you throw it out willy-nilly!

Organise your pantry.

When you bring your groceries home, put the newest food at the back. This way you’ll use the oldest stuff first and won’t find three packets of half-eaten noodles in the back. Yeah, you know the ones.

Use a shopping list and check your pantry before you shop.

When you shop without a list, do you end up piling a million things you don’t need into your trolley? Prevent food waste by arming yourself with an ordered shopping list to ensure you only walk out with what you need. One of the best ways to do this is to check out our Programs where we give you shopping lists for the week ahead. That way you know everything you buy, will be used to cook up a storm.

Make the most of your freezer…

We love a freezer stash, especially when it means saving food from the bin! Dedicate a container for all those questionable veggies so you can add them to your stock, or check out what our nutritionist, Liv, has hiding in her freezer.

For a week of tasty, waste-free recipes, check out our 7-Day Reboot.

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