What is JERF and how can I do it?

What is JERF and how do I do it?

To #JERF is to ‘just eat real food’.

A lot of people still seem to be confused as to exactly what constitutes as JERFing. We thought we’d clear up a few things.

1. KISS (keep it simple, stupid).

  • Choose food with the least number of ingredients. Simplify and focus on quality not quantity.

2. Avoid store-bought sauces.

3. Shop at local farmers’ markets.

  • Always try and eat local whenever possible.
  • And eat fruit and veg that’s in season (it’s cheaper, too!).

4. Eat what you can see and name.

  • Don’t eat anything with ingredients you can’t identify as food!
  • That goes for anything with numbers in the ingredients list, too.

5. Eat real superfoods.

  • Our “superfoods?” Plain old fresh fruit and veg!

6. Eat like it’s 1934.

7. Domesticate yourself.

  • Cooking is without a doubt the absolute best way to #JERF.
  • It means you know what’s going into your food and it’s a skill you will keep for a lifetime. Like riding a bike, only… food.
  • Learning how to cook is one of the best skills you’ll learn on our Keys2words: Keys2words.info.

8. Grow your own.

9. Stick to the edges.

  • of grocery stores and supermarkets.
  • That’s generally where all of the fridges and fresh food is kept. Avoid the lure of the middle aisles!

10. Eat everything.

  • Why would you juice and remove the good fibre, nutrient-dense parts of your food?
  • Don’t chuck out the trimmings on your meat and learn to love your daggy veggies!

11. Bulk up.

12. Don’t feed the bin.

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