Can I eat bread when I quit sugar?

Ah, bread. The literal “bread and butter” of the Western world (excuse the pun).

When people begin their sugar-quitting journey, they often ask: can I eat bread when I quit sugar? So we’ve set out to answer as many of your questions as possible here.

1. Can you eat bread when you quit sugar?

  • Generally speaking, breads are pretty low in sugar (except fruit breads and brioche).
  • So you’re fine to continue eating bread when you quit sugar.
  • If you’d like to read more about our stance on grains and carbohydrates, read here.
  • Hot Tip: When buying store-bought bread look for loaves that have 4g/100g sugar or less.

2. What are some of the better (less sugar-laden) bread choices out there?

  • Sourdough is our preferred choice with most of our recipes.
    • Why? Because sourdough is a fermented dough that shows is beneficial to blood sugar levels.
    • And with minimal sugar and gluten, we definitely consider it to be our favourite option.
  • Rye retains most of the bran and germ from the rye grain, has a high fibre content than many other breads and is also a good source of minerals such as magnesium and protein.
  • Wholemeal retains the nutrients and healthy plant compounds found naturally in the wholegrain.
  • Spelt is an ancient grain that has a nutty taste.
    • It is a relative of wheat but many people (with gluten sensitivies and IBS) find it much easier to digest.
  • Sprouted breads are made from wheat kernels that have been sprouted, grounded and baked into bread.
    • This process retains more of the nutrients.
  •  are grain-free loaves generally made with nut meal or coconut flour and eggs.

3. Should you quit gluten when you quit sugar?

  • Gluten (a protein composite found in wheat and grains like rye and barley) is resistent to digestion and can damage your body’s small intestine in people who are cealic or have gluten sensitivity.
  • It’s a complete personal choice as to whether you should give up gluten or not.
  • But it’s for that reason of being super flexible that many of the recipes at Keys2words are gluten-free or contain little in the way of grains anyways.

4. A word of warning on gluten-free breads though.

  • Many gluten-free breads are high in sugar (to make up for the taste and texture change from normal bread).
  • Always check the ingredients list if you’re buying a pre-packaged loaf, or ask your local baker.
  • Try our 6 gluten-free bread recipes your tummy will love.

5. Can you eat bread on the Keys2words.info?

  • Yes! If you’re a bread-loving person then you’ll be happy to know that we like to incorporate our favourite bread choice (sourdough) in some of our Meal Plans.
  • But don’t worry, if you don’t like bread or you have gluten sensitivities (or any other dietary requirements) we are on hand to offer you any and all replacement suggestions.

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