Maz Miller


Maz Miller is a psychologist who works for an organisation called Maz has had over 5 years of experience working with individuals from various backgrounds with a particular interest in the area of sport and exercise psychology. A nerd at heart, Maz is currently completing her Masters in Science in Psychology (Sports Psychology) just for fun!

Tell us how you came to be in the role you are today…

As a psychologist, exploring the mind to get results and achieve goals is something that I am obsessed with! Not only have I done this work in a professional setting with pro-athletes, successful business people, fitness lovers and everyone else looking to make a real change, but it’s also something that I have used throughout my life. 

So how did I get here? I was born in Bosnia. One morning at the age of 7 I woke up to some unexpected news; my country was at war. I had no idea what this meant at the time but I was soon to learn that things would never be the same. What followed that morning were 3 years of hoping, wishing, fighting and survival. I always thought getting out alive would be one of the greatest accomplishments in my life, but I had no insight into the lessons those 3 years and the time after held. We moved to various countries. I had to learn numerous languages and I was catching up on missed school work, living in strange cultures, finding new friends, missing old friends, finding my way through pain, pleasure, effort, defeat, victories, celebrations and eventually; I got to give back and became a psychologist!

Helping others is what lights me up, gets me going and I always knew I would be doing this in some shape or form. Knowing how tough life can get, motivates me to help others fulfil their potential and see life in a new way. I feel an excitement after each session with my clients because I know how good life will get when they step into their life.

What would be your best advice to someone starting out on the same career path as you?

It might be a long road, but if this is what you are passionate about it’s worth every step of the way.

How do you relax when you’re not busy answering questions at Keys2words?

I spend time with my dogs Ellie and Dion who I absolutely love! They also work with me so we are besties! I go to the beach, exercise, read and explore. I love spending time with friends and family, having a laugh and enjoying the simple things in life. Anything that includes the outdoors is my idea of relaxation!

What’s the hardest thing about your job?

I would say the hardest thing about work is the emotional fatigue that comes at times when life is not balanced. As clients go through different stages having a caseload which includes a lot of crisis situations can be emotionally exhausting. Fortunately, I don’t find this to be the majority of my work and yoga helps immensely.

Tell us the most important qualities for someone in your particular role…

Empathy, creativity, resilience, insight and passion.

What do you enjoy most about working in your field?

Can I say everything? Because it really is everything! My role is a little bit different from the usual pen and paper psychologist sitting in an office. I work at where we walk and talk with our clients. To make it even more amazing I get to incorporate my dogs into aspects of therapy. What’s there not to love?! I love the fresh air, I love the views, I love the movement of the session and I love that I get to draw with sticks in the sand when I’m explaining concepts!

What’s next on your horizon?

Interesting question, no idea! That’s the fun part isn’t it? I think I will just keep going with the flow and see what adventures life throws my way!

If you weren’t a psychologist, you would have been a…

A Builder! I’m a bit of a tomboy and love being on job sites, being creative and watching projects evolve!

Why are you such a firm believer in the Keys2words philosophy?

I have trialled and tested the IQS way and loved the process! Generally speaking; I don’t like diets. I’m so highly against body shaming and I certainly don’t believe in looking a certain way or unhealthy relationships with food. What I do love is tasty food, nurturing my body and moving because I enjoy it and accepting myself as who I am. I really think that the IQS philosophy lines up with so much of that.

The IQS Team are coming for dinner. What are you cooking for us?

I make a mean vegan shepherd’s pie which is filled with onion, carrots, garlic, celery, mushrooms, lentils, chickpeas, stock, rosemary, coriander, thyme and parsley. I then top it with sweet potato mash and bread crumbs! Yum!

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