Our Nutrition experts

Keys2words works with a crew of nutritionists & dietitians. Check out our experts below.

Marieke Rodenstein

Holistic Dietitian and Nutritionist

Marieke Rodenstein is a holistic dietitian and nutritionist, passionate about spreading the JERF message. Read more

Natalie Bourke

Holistic Dietitian

Natalie Bourke is a holistic dietitian and nutritionist. She's also a certified fitness instructor, foodie, yogi and a lover of all things outdoors. Read more

Nicky Duffell

Nutritional Therapist

Nicky Duffell is a nutritional therapist and health coach based just outside London in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire. After over 17 years in the corporate world, Nicky set up Nicky for Life to help clients transform their health and wellbeing. Read more

Nicola Sankey

Nutritional Therapist

Nicole Sankey is a Nutritional Therapist and runs her own practice, Choose Nutrition, to help people reconnect with their bodies and help them find the link between what they eat and their health. Nicola works with a range… Read more

Raj Barker

Nutritionist + Yoga Teacher

Raj Barker is a nutritionist and yoga teacher doing her best to unravel the meaning of life through her passionate belief that "food is medicine" and yoga heals. Originally from Sydney, Raj is now based in NYC, offering consultation online all over the world. Read more

Sonya Reynolds


Sonya was recommended to us by another one of our nutrition experts and once we got chatting, we immediately knew Sonya would be a great fit for our Expert panel. With over nine years experience as a qualified nutritionist, Sonya is currently working as an educator for a leading practitioner supplement company. Read more

Wilma MacDonald

Nutritional Therapist

Wilma MacDonald is an Edinburgh-based registered Nutritional Therapist, speaker, wellness advocate and food enthusiast. She works mainly with busy, professional women with fatigue, fertility, hormonal and digestion issues.  Tell us how you came to be in… Read more

Our experts

Did you know Keys2words works with a crew of more than 40 handpicked health and wellness experts? Check out the categories below to discover more.


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