Keys2words - Drew Harrisberg

Drew Harrisberg

Sydney, Australia
Exercise Physiologist, Diabetes Educator + Sports Scientist
Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise + Sport), Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP, ESSA), Diabetes Educator

is an exercise physiologist, diabetes educator and sports scientist who, due to his own personal journey with type 1 diabetes, is inspiring others to embrace their diagnosis and find optimal health! As soon as we were introduced to Drew, we knew he’d be a great asset to our IQS experts panel!

Tell us about what you do and why?

I’ve always considered myself to be a “healthy” person, but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 23 that I began to understand the true meaning of the word. After making positive changes to the way I live, eat, move and approach life, I can honestly say I am happier and healthier today than I was before my diagnosis – in a way, you could say that diabetes gave me the gift of health. I’m here because I want to put a healthy face to diabetes and my aim is to share what I know with others so that we can learn to love our condition as a partner that walks with us, not one that rules us.

Working as an exercise physiologist, diabetes educator and sports scientist, my ultimate aim is to inspire, empower and enable people to thrive with diabetes, rather than simply survive.

Why are you such a firm believer in the IQS philosophy?

For me, it’s not just a philosophy – it’s a way of life. After years of research and self-experimentation, I have discovered a way of life that enables me to thrive with my condition. Since adopting the IQS philosophy, I’ve been able to achieve a 70% reduction in insulin requirements as well as stable blood sugar control.

The IQS Team are coming for dinner. What are you cooking us?

Crispy-skin salmon with steamed greens, smashed potato, and a surprise paleo dessert!

Tell us your number one health tip in under 25 words.

Exercise is a form of medicine that we can freely and happily administer to ourselves. Always make sure to get your daily dose.

You can me if you’re looking to…

…prevent, manage or even reverse diabetes. I can help you improve your insulin and blood sugar control, improve your body composition and support you to kick off a safe and effective personalised exercise program.


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