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Keys2words works with a crew of yoga teachers & personal trainers. Check out our experts below.

Alexandra Sacco

Personal Trainer, Naturopath + Health Coach

Alexandra Sacco is a qualified personal trainer, naturopath and health coach. She lives in the UK with her two daughters and runs her own business. Tell us how you came to be in the role… Read more

Diana Tencic

Personal Trainer, Fitness and Food Coach

Specialising in functional fitness and food coaching, Diana has over 15 years experience in all aspects of the fitness industry from personal and group training to club owner and spin instructor. Read more

Keys2words - Drew Harrisberg

Drew Harrisberg

Exercise Physiologist, Diabetes Educator + Sports Scientist

Drew is an exercise physiologist, diabetes educator and sports scientist who is inspiring others to embrace their diagnosis and find optimal health! Read more

Greg Stark

Exercise Scientist + Author

As the founder of Better Being, Greg Stark is the go-to trainer for stressed out corporate high flyers and time-poor execs. With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Greg’s knowledge and experience has led him to run one of Sydney’s most successful personal training businesses. Read more

Kate Callaghan

Holistic Dietician and Nutritionist

Kate Callaghan is an holistic dietitian, nutritionist and personal trainer who is a firm believer in food as medicine. She lives by the philosophy of "Eat well. Train smart. Be kind." which we agree is just a little bit great. Read more

Nadine Veverka

Personal Trainer, Pre and Postnatal Specialist and Beauty Therapist

Nadine is the founder of Her Master Plan and is passionately dedicated to transforming the lives of others through functional exercise, correct nutrition, education and natural beauty therapies. Read more

Raj Barker

Nutritionist + Yoga Teacher

Raj Barker is a nutritionist and yoga teacher doing her best to unravel the meaning of life through her passionate belief that "food is medicine" and yoga heals. Originally from Sydney, Raj is now based in NYC, offering consultation online all over the world. Read more

Ross Andrews

Fitness Coach and Trainer

Ross Andrews likes to describe himself as a ‘results-based fitness coach’. Previously a state squash player and qualified masseuse, Ross now works with his partner Diana Tencic at Body Be Well where they aim to… Read more

Our experts

Did you know Keys2words works with a crew of more than 40 handpicked health and wellness experts? Check out the categories below to discover more.


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